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Golf Putting Tips For Golfers

Your golfer friends could have laughed at you just because you golf shots could not make you improve your golf performance. But with golf putting tips, you are able to make the best golf putts ever. Assuredly, you can enter the list of world top golfers like Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan and Nancy Lopez among others.

Golf Tips For Beginners

The game of golf is a great blend of physical and mental skill. You really have to concentrate mentally as you approach solving a multi-dimensional physical problem. At the same time, you have to coordinate your physical skills, eye-hand motion and stamina with the mental side.

Want to Finally Hit the Ball Further With the Driver? Do These 3 Things Before the Swing

It’s amazing how the set up to the golf ball will determine if we hit it far, short, right or left. So in order to hit the driver further, what are the characteristics of a perfect set-up? Do these 3 things before the swing and you’ll hit it further more consistently…

Putting Drills

Your putts are one of the most important numbers to keep an eye on while golfing, some even say the most important. It’s something which not everyone gives a lot of attention to, but believe me it really does matter to your score. Putting drills are one thing you can do to improve your score which is often neglected. Once you’re on the green, your putts really come into play – if you’d like to get your game into higher gear or you’re just learning to golf, this is highly recommended practice.

The Importance of Performing Stretching Exercises For Better Golf Game

Practicing the perfect golf swings is by no means an easy job and can result in strain and muscle aches if the body is simply not up to the task. Proper stretching exercises can be a remedy to all this though, as it can help you enhance the swing and distance greatly, while you also stand to gain in flexibility as well as stamina.

Golf Fitness Can Help to Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf by no means is an easy game. Rather it can take a heavy toll on both your mental and physical health. After all, playing an eighteen-hole game of golf is no child’s play, for it may entail a lot of walking, about four hours to be precise, swinging and maybe even searching in the wilderness. So anyone who wish to excel each time they play a round of golf need to be fit, which means they should have the stamina to play the game with enough gusto.

3 Simple Golf Tips to Hit the Driver Farther and Stop My Slice

We all want to hit the driver farther and straighten it out, especially when we are slicing the ball! But sometimes the tips we get just don’t make sense. Well, here are 3 tips thoroughly explained that will have you hitting the golf ball further and without that dreaded slice in just a few swings…

The Easy Way to Choose the Best Golf Club

Whether it is an entire new set of golf clubs that you’re on the look out for, or a few strategic pieces to acquire a more balanced strike capability, to zero in on the best ones is never an easy task, what with the plethora of them that are currently available and with nearly all of them making a strong pitch for itself. Some of them may be frightfully expensive though price alone can’t be the only measure of the best ones. But then again, the thing that you got to be wary of is that the best golf clubs are never the cheapest one.

What Are Illegal Golf Drivers?

When looking a golf drivers, you have to bear in mind that there are many golf drivers that do not adhere to the laws and regulations of golf. There are shapes as well as characteristics of the driver that have been changed, and these minute changes may not be seen with the naked eye.

A Short Golf Drivers Guide

Golf drivers are the essential part of the game. The modern driver could be the one that you are needing to buy to improve your game – if you are not doing over two hundred and fifty yards this is where it would be considered that you are losing out on the crux of the game.

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