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How to Get Better at Golf – 3 Tips to Turn Your Game Around in Less Than an Hour!

Many people constantly want to learn how to get better at golf. It does not matter if you are just starting to take up this great game, or if you have been playing it for all of your life, everyone wants to hit better golf shots and shoot lower scores. Here in this article I am going to outline 3 tips that I have used to drastically improve my game instantly. This simple techniques will allow you to take up to 7 or more shots per round off of your scores.

Buying Golf Clubs Online – What to Look For

If you decide to buy golf clubs online you should first do some research and study. The following information may help people in purchasing the best golf clubs online.

Improve Your Game and Your Life With a Golf Fitness Training Program

There are those out there who claim that an obsession with golf is unhealthy. But if golf is your motivation for implementing a golf fitness training program, there can be no argument that this is not a great thing for you to do.

Golf Fitness Off the Course Will Improve Your Game on the Course

Adding a Golf Fitness routine to your everyday activity will benefit your game and your life. Being in good shape to play will also make you less susceptible to injury.

Take Your Game to the Next Level With the Sky Caddie SG5

People are starting to jump on the band wagon for golf GPS systems. It is one of the most useful accessories you can have. And the Sky Caddie SG5 is one of the best.

Golf’s Mental Game May Be the Hardest Part to Master

Golf is a frustrating game at times, but when you have a handle on the mental aspects of it, you are ahead of the pack. It is probably the hardest part of the game to conquer.

5 Essential Steps to Attain a Proper Golf Grip

Without using a proper golf grip, you shouldn’t expect your stroke to be correct. And without a correct stroke, it’s impossible to enhance your golfing game. However, these steps can help you to get a hold of the situation:

Fitness For Golf – Find More Distance With a Golf Stretching and Flexibility Program For Duffers

Are you hungry for more power and distance with all your clubs like a bear waking up from a long hibernation? You know distance means lower scores all other things being equal. Discover how golf flexibility and stretching training will improve your power and distance; provide better control of the club throughout the swing keeping your shot on target no matter the club in your hands.

Golf Tips – How to Cure Your Slice Right Now and Hit Every Fairway Every Time, Slashing Your Score

The most frustrating part of slicing the ball is that even if you manage to hit the fairway, the nasty sideways spin will force your ball to veer off into the rough, leaving you to play your next shot in trouble. And even if you stay on the fairway you lose both distance and position every time you strike the ball.

Chip Shots From Baghdad Or Other Scary Places – 5 Tips to Save Your Score

The chip shot is probably the scariest shot in golf next to the down hill putt. In all their sadistic wisdom, course designers have made the penalty for not getting on the green in regulation full of surprises and very painful, just like Bagdhad. My advice is if you don’t think you can hit the green lay up 30 or 40 yards short but in the fairway. From here you have a relatively easy shot at the pin. And you avoid the perils of missing the green.

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