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Golf Tips For Your Putting – Improve the Distance Control on Your Putts

Here are 3 tips to improve the speed on your putting, and has helped me be a very consistent speed putter decreasing the amount of 3 putts I make in a round of golf. Even if you are playing a new course you never seen before – having an understanding of how to control the speed on your putts will greatly improve your game and lower your scores.

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keep your eye on the ball! Ever heard someone say this to you while playing sports? Of course you have. In golf it might sound something like “keep your head down.”

Tips For Chipping Golf Shots

Finding chipping golf tips can be a challenge. Overcoming your chipping issues can be difficult enough in itself and the majority of the tips you will see about this part of the game just do not work. What you have to keep in mind is that the technique which works perfectly for someone else might not work at all for you, so you have to approach each method on its own merits to find what works for you.

Next Generation Golf Aids – Dual Hinge Golf Club Trainers

Dual hinge golf club trainers are a next generation golf aid that systematically identifies flaws in your swing while training you to swing with proper tempo and timing. They also teach you to swing in the correct golf swing plane and teach you how to swing a golf club using your shoulders and hips rather than your arms witch is the ultimate swing technique. Dual hinge golf trainers come as irons or drivers and have a unique hinge attached to the shaft of the club that instantly identifies flaws in your swing.

Golf Winter Practice Tip – Develop a Perfect Set Up With This Off-Season Tip For Duffers

Can you imagine yourself playing better golf next spring? You are swinging better than ever and all because of a little effort spent this winter. Normally our golf game deteriorates over the winter and we have to re-learn our swing and all its components come spring. Discover how you can take full advantage of the off season to maintain and even improve your golf game.

Hit the Green – A Guide to the Best Luxury Golf Hotels in Cork

Greener than the Emerald City, Ireland is a land of rugged beauty and stunning scenery with a warm, welcoming culture. A wide selection of luxury golf hotels and miles of lush countryside make Ireland one of the world’s top destinations for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts alike…

Proper Golf Club Fitting

Buying golf clubs without a personal club fitting is like buying shoes without checking the size. Custom fit golf clubs will tailor the golf game to the golfer.

Remove Frustration From Golf – 3 Ways to Do This and Become a Better Player

Frustration is one of the few, if not the only bad thing about golf, particularly while you’re learning to play the game – and in some ways, even more so when you’ve been playing for years. I’ll show you three ways to take the frustration factor out of your game, so that you can play the Golf you’re capable of – and enjoy it along the way!

3 Things You Will Lose If You Have a Good Golf Swing

Stretching and sports are like bread and butter. It’s vital that you warm-up your muscle fibers before your sports practice or game. Besides making your muscles more elastic, when developing a good golf swing, stretching will also improve your swinging technique. Here are some things you can avoid if you use proper stretching techniques to boost your golfing skills.

Golf Clubs For Kids – How to Customize Junior Golf Clubs

Just a few years back, kid’s Golf clubs sets were customized from cutting a portion of the shaft of an adult sized club set. Luckily, people started to realize that by trimming down an adult club’s shaft makes it a very rigid club for playing, thus making it hard for children to hit the ball. Now, many golf companies do provide budding new golf players (children) with golf sets designed and customized to their own age and height, and many are even offered at a very reasonable price…

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