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Important Golf Swing Tips

Any golfer will try to follow a few simple golf swing tips in order to have that much-desired perfect swing. The first consideration should be the grip. If you want to hit the ball straight, you must have a firm grip on the golf club. In order to have a firm grip, one should maintain the perfect stance.

Know About Golf Swing Techniques

The art of golfing is not easy, but if you follow a few simple steps, you can perfect this art. Golfers would do anything to learn the golf swing techniques. Experts suggest that golf swing drill can help the golfers. The golf irons along with the driver will be hit in an inside to outward movement so that the ball is drawn.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight More Consistently – 3 Tips to Help You Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Do you want to know how to hit a golf ball straight every time? Of course you do. Slicing a ball is a problem for 95% of all golfer amateurs and this slicing alone could be very disastrous to our game.

How to Hit the Hardest Shot in Golf – The Dreaded 50 Yard Bunker Shot

We’ve all been there, you have a long bunker shot that’s about 50 yards from the green, so you think “I have to pick it clean to get it all the way there”…and it blades 50 yards over the green or it just plops out half way to the green. Here’s a simple approach to really hit that shot correctly.

Play This Game With Yourself on the Driving Range to Maximize Your Practice Time

Many times, we’ll just go hit balls at the driving range, and just do that…hit balls. However, you can really maximize and step up your practice sessions by playing a simple game with yourself next time you are at the driving range. Play this game and you’ll become a better player- on the range, AND on the course…

Short Game Tips – Control the Distance Around the Greens

How well you can control the distance on your shots around the greens will determine how successful your short game is. Here are three tips to help you improve the distance on your short game shots and lower your scores.

Golf Lag – The Key to Power and Accuracy

Golf lag is defined as having the club-head trailing your hands on the downswing. When viewing swings from face-on, golf lag is created by the angle formed between the left arm and the club-shaft. The more acute this angle is, the more lag the player has- and consequently more potential power.

Golf Putting Green

Golf putting green has been one of the most challenging parts in golf. Basically the most challenging part is learning to read a green correctly. If you fail to put the green correctly, then you will probably loose the most important part of the such, there are some tips and techniques that will help you learn the best ways which can help your green reading perfect. Take a look:

How I Fix My Golf Swing Using Simple Physics and Get to Hit the Ball Straighter and Further

Having a poor swing can really damage your game, believe me I know this! What makes me tick is when I kept slicing the ball, and somehow found myself spend more time looking for the ball than actually playing golf…

Golf Short Game Tips – When and How to Hit the Flop Shot

Do you know how to hit the flop shot? It will save you a lot of strokes if you can learn how. So exactly what is it, when should you use it and how to hit this thing? Perhaps this article will help out.

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