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The Sureshot GPS Unit Will Help You Get Your Best Game Ever

The Sureshot GPS has been winning awards for years. Sureshot golf GPS units give you the most in range finding technology. You don’t have to wonder about your distances any more, no matter if you’re on your home course or in another part of the world.

Try the Top Rated Sure Shot GPS

Looking for a great way to improve your golf score? Do you walk through your local course frequently, trying to remember exactly where each hazard is? Unless you walk around with pen and paper, you’ll likely forget, no matter how many times you frequent your favorite course.

Tips in Choosing the Best Golf GPS

The recent demand for golf GPS devices allowed their prices to go down significantly. These devices have made it to the mainstream not only for affordability but for ease of use as well. For those of who are still confused on which the best golf GPS device in the market is, the tips and information below can help you make your choice.

Improve Your Game With These Top Rated Golf GPS Devices

When you’re looking for the top rated golf GPS, you’re obviously an avid golfer. Technology has come a long way and golf enthusiasts world wide are rejoicing. Today’s top selling golf GPS units give you an incredible amount of information and the prices have been greatly reduced since the units first came onto the market.

Left Handed Putters

The following are some of the best left handed putters that are available in the market. The Karsten series Craz -e left hand putter of Ping give an enhanced feel with its elastomer insert. It helps in getting a more consistent stroke with the alignment aid …

Callaway Putters

The Callaway putters equipped with innovative and advanced technology helps professionals and amateurs alike in enhancing their performances and bringing significant results in major tournaments. So with many players across the world preferring this equipment, it is no wonder the brand of Callaway became a global brand in a short span

Callaway Balls

The usage of Callaway balls helps the players to have better control over the ball in different game conditions that enhances their performances and results in major tournaments. The following are from the range of Callaway Balls designed to improve your golf game.

Maxfli Balls

The soft and long golf ball from Maxfli is a ball with low compression, which is suitable for player with slow swing and average handicap. The ball offers great feel without compromising on the distance due to its core compression. It also gives high spin.

Finding a Powakaddy on the Web is Really Easy, Just Make Sure That You Have Done Some Research First

Golf is a major hobby for a lot of people and it’s no surprise that the golf clothing and accessories market is growing larger. There are a huge range of items available and one of the most popular items these days is a Powakaddy and they’re widely available on the web. However, if you’re going to buy golfing items on the web then you’ll need to do some research before you part with any cash.

How to Control Distance When Pitching

When your ball is 135 yards from the green, or 145 yards away, the club you’ll use to get the ball on the green is pretty well determined. Take out the appropriate iron, hit the ball with your standard swing, and that’s all you have to do. You don’t have clubs specifically built for shorter distances, say 75 yards or 85 yards, though. You have several clubs that could carry the ball that far, and if you know how to use them, you can get the ball close every time.

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