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Biomechanics of a Golf Swing – Breaking Down the Perfect Golf Swing

There have been dozens of books written lately about the biomechanics of a golf swing. Many of these books are hard to understand. What we need is a simple, consistent swing.

How Can I Improve My Golf Swing – Part 1 the Setup

It’s a quest that every golfer has. How can I improve my golf swing so I can hit shots consistently and have a least a general idea in what direction the ball is going to go. If you are slicing, topping, hitting fat or have no clue which way the ball is going to go, you’re probably not setup correctly. Learn a simple routine that will straighten out your shots almost immediately.

Golf Punch Shots – 5 Top Tips to Beat the Wind and Keep Your Golf Score Intact

I’ve just returned from a weekend away golfing on the coast, which was great except for the very strong winds, which were blowing off the sea and which made the golf somewhat tricky to say the least! One shot, I found I used again and again in these conditions was the Punch shot and it really saved my score on both days.

Cleveland CG4 Iron Review

Cleveland’s CG4 irons are made with the popular cavity back design, meaning in theory that it should be relatively easy to get the ball into the air as well as being forgiving clubs. They have more carbon and less density than other irons.

2 Simple Steps to Improving Your Golf Swing

Despite the basics of golf being the same for everyone who plays, everybody’s different. Therefore, due to the differences in people’s bodies, no two people will ever have an identical golf swing. Read more to discover 2 secrets to perfecting your swing.

The Power of Distance

I keeping on telling myself that my golf game will improve, I just need a little more time and practice. Although, I am starting to doubt my philosophy. For the average guy who is just trying to enjoy the game and fulfil his/her golfing dreams whether this is to win the Club championship or to just break 80 or even 100 only need follow a few simple steps. Take advice only from professionals, “But, wait a minute your not a professional and you are giving me advice?” I hear you say.

Golf Driving Tips – How to Hit a 300 Yard Drive in 3 Simple Steps!

One of the most important things that most golfers want to be able to do is hit the ball a long way. If you want to know how to hit a 300 yard drive then you really just need a few golf driving tips to get you started on the right track. Here I am going to share with you 3 tips that you can use in order to start bombing your tee shots today!

Golf Mind Games – How to Win and Lower Your Handicap!

Golf is a testing game; it tests both our mental and physical attributes as well as our golfing skill. All three must be clicking together in order for you to have a perfect game. To outsiders it may seem silly or reading too much into the game but ask any golfer if you’re not prepared mentally then you could have the worst game of your life.

Golf Iron Tips – How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots Time After Time Like Tiger!

How to hit crisp iron shots is something that all golfers want to do, because when you are hitting your irons well it makes it so much easier to shoot lower scores. The problem is that most people are not able to do this due to various swing flaws, but here I am going to give you 3 tips on how you can start hitting great iron shots all the time.

How to Start Playing Golf? 8 Winning Tips For Amateur Golfers

So you’ve always wanted to play golf but your boss never asked you on a game before? Don’t worry. Everybody can and should enjoy this wonderful sport. Sure, golf can be expensive and hard to learn but if you know what you’re doing you’re up for the time of your life.

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