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Having Quality Golfing Habits Are Necessary When Learning How to Putt

When golfers go to play, they only practice their putting a few strokes prior to heading to the first tee. This only promotes a hurried putting stroke with limited knowledge of the green quality for that day. Then they wonder why they had several 3-putts. Incorporating quality golf habits for your putting stroke requires time to practice and includes incorporating a pre-putting routine. By practicing your routine and then your putting stroke, you prepare your entire mind and body to produce a quality putting stroke.

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs – The Best Golf Clubs You Can Buy?

Ben Hogan was perhaps the greatest golfer of all time. He was certainly the best striker of the ball and even today the pros – including Tiger Woods still try to emulate his swing. So what was his secret?

Are Golf Balls Used Better Than New Golf Balls?

The golf ball is an essential part of the golf game. There are many different brands, many colors and even the dimples that are on the vary in number, size and shape. That means we have a lot of choices, but what about the choice between new and used? Are golf balls used better than new golf balls?

How Golf Ball Dimples Can Affect Your Golf Game

Many people just love to play golf these days. And that comes as no surprise. Golf is a wonderful sport to play for all ages. Many things can affect your game such as your golf ball equipment, your skill and even the weather. But did you know that golf ball dimples can really affect your game?

Should You Buy a Used Golf Ball? Read This and All Your Questions Will Be Answered

Golf is an enjoyable and breathtaking sport. More and more people are getting into it these days, but there’s only a slight problem with that. There’s a general controversy surrounding which balls are best, the new golf ball or the used one, the colored or the white, the ball with the round dimples or the balls with the hexagonal dimples. However, to cover one issue at a time, lets the tackle the used golf ball.

The Tiger Woods Swing – Is it the Equipment?

Many people think it’s Tiger Woods’ high-end equipment that makes him the best golfer in the world. Really? Take a look at what he’s working with and decide for yourself.

What is the Best GPS For Golf?

The best GPS for golf is not that hard to determine. You have to know how much you want to pay and what features you’re looking for. Read this article to learn more about the best GPS for golf, today!

The Power of Visualization – Do You See Yourself Becoming a Very Good Golfer?

In life, we generally become, or “live into” what we visualize for ourselves in the future. The same happens in golf. If we focus on what we don’t want to happen in the future, we have a tendency to fulfill that image. Since the body responds far greater to images than it does to words, positive visualization becomes a key factor in our success in golf.

Taylor Made Drivers – A Sneak Peak

Are the most iconic drivers of recent years, and have been at the fore-front of driver technology they maintain a consistent presence at the top of golf product innovation. The new Taylor Made Drivers are large, forgiving and full of technology.

Are Golf Balls the Most Expensive Golf Accessories of All?

In your golf living it cost me much more money. For example, the cost of golf course. But most of time, we can’t hole-in-one balls. It will make some problem. It makes you feel hurt. Usually the golf ball is lost its way and then you can’t see it again. Golf ball was decade every time, because they frequently are lost in shrubs around or send to traps or lakes. The thing that can unnerve you the most is that you must buy many more golf balls. One pack is consisting of 12 balls usually, and the price of the pack is about $25. This is a tremendous cost. Now there are some ideas to deal with this situation. It will save much of money and it is always good, especially nowadays.

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