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Golf Swing Basics – The Process of Golf

To make quicker progress in the game, there are a few important tips that will reduce your handicap. Some golfers overlook the simple elements of golf, this is why they become increasingly frustrated with the game. Here is what I’ve found has helped me with my game.

Improving Your Golf Game Takes Time

Improving your golf game equals remembering your good shots and forgetting your bad shots. This statement is easy to say and it is hard to do.

Golfing Tips – Reading the Lie of the Land

Playing golf as an amateur, we can dread hitting the ball into the sidelines where the longest grass is, and invariably most of our shots can seem magnetized to this part of the course in the beginning. It’s pretty strange seeing professionals being able to save a miserable tee shot from even the toughest lies only to drop the ball right onto the green mere yards from the flag stick.

Putting With Confidence

A good putter can make up for less distance off the tee. Technological improvements help to add distance and straighen our drives.

Golf – Using Mental Focus to Improve Your Game

All golfers are constantly looking for that special something that will give them a competitive edge. Many athletes, including successful golfers, find that improving their mental focus using techniques such as visualization enhances their sports performance. Sharpening your mental focus will not only help improve your golf swing and putting skills, it is the key to improving almost every aspect of your golf game.

Skycaddie SG2.5 Will Help Step Your Golf Game Up!

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Great Golfing Gifts For the Golf Pro in Your Life

Golf is a very popular sport in the UK, no doubt buoyed by the popularity of the sport on TV with many people tuning in to watch The Open and Ryder Cup competitions when they are televised. Thousands of people play golf regularly, and so if you’re looking for birthday or Christmas presents for any golf player in your family there are actually many different gift ideas relating to their favourite game.

How to Drive Long Distances Using a 450CC+ Driver

Modern golf clubs are now made to help reduce the chances of a poor shot, especially when it comes to hitting the ball straight up the fairway. A lot of beginner clubs sacrifice power in order to provide more flexibility with regards to the sweet spot on the golf club head.

How to Get a Good Deal on Second Hand Golf Clubs

Golf is a game that anyone can play, the outdated image of golfers being wealthy men of retirement age has given way to almost anyone man, woman or child grabbing their clubs and taking to their local golf course. Starting golf can take some time to get a hang of the principles and make sure that they are making the right moves when swinging the golf club.

Be a Courteous Golfer – Think of Others on the Course

Golf is a great sport to take up, as a relaxing sport or competitive it can meet these demands quite easily. The image of golf being a sport for the rich and retired is now thankfully no longer the perception.

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