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Putt Better Or Quit Golf Forever

We all want to be Tiger Woods who has made a total of 140 feet worth of putts on 5 holes! Truth is we are lucky to get that through 54 holes of golf.

Learn to Putt Like a Pro

Learn to putt like a pro. Putting seems so easy, the pros are good at it, how come we aren’t, It is because we don’t practice it. We lack confidence and technique. For tips and drills to learn to putt like a pro and shave 7 to 12 strokes off of your game, you have come to the right place.

Personalize and Custom Fit Your Golf Equipment

When purchasing your irons, etc. it does matter if you are tall or short, man or woman, senior or junior. The shaft length needs to be the correct length for comfort and to have the right flexibility or stiffness that will work for you at your skill level and strength.

Improve My Golf – 5 Goals

You may be thinking that there are not enough hours in a day to take care of work and home responsibilities. In truth, there are not enough hours in a day, because when you love your hobby it seems that everything else demands more time and attention. Oh, how many of us wish.

The Golf Swing – 3 Tips

Are you tired of being an average golfer? Do you think you have paid your dues and think that you should be playing a better game today? Sounds like you are ready to settle down and become a serious golfer. It has been fun and games up to now, but you want to better your strokes and better your score.

The Differences Between Refiner Golf Trainer and Medicus Golf Trainer

Want to learn the differences between Refiner Golf Trainer and Medicus Golf Trainer? Read on to find out what they are!

Beginner Golfer – An Introduction to Etiquette and the Rules of Play

For the beginner golfer, you need to know a little about golf etiquette and the rules of play before you get too far along in your learning experience. Etiquette deals with the way you relate to the course and other players.

Golf Club Buying Guide – Golfing Accessories

As well as your actual golf clubs there are many items of equipment and clothing that you may need to either help you play golf or make life a little simpler when out on the course. There are basic items such as golf balls that many golfers may not pay attention to but these can have an effect on our performance and this is proven by the wide range of balls that are available not only in the golf shop but also each individual manufacturer.

Keeping Your Head Still May Make Your Putting Worse

How many times have you heard that keeping your head absolutely still is the key to good putting? No less than two of golfing’s greatest luminaries have said the very same thing. Jack Nicklaus says that head movement is the biggest single problem that all golfers, professional and amateur alike, have with putting.

HandHeld Golf GPS Units – GolfLogix GPS by Garmin Review

When playing golf do you spend a lot of your time looking at yardage markers and sprinkler heads to mark your game? It can get really frustrating and it could seriously slow your game down. There is a simple and amazing solution to this.

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