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History of Golf

How and where the history of golf originated is for the most part unknown and continues to be the subject of much debate. Although, for the most part it is widely understood that the Scots during the middle ages where largely responsible for creating the game of golf we play today, a claim that has undergone substantial scrutiny and numerous challenges over many centuries. There are several forerunners to the history of golf dating back as far as early 1297 to the Netherlands, leaving the Dutch to appear to have the closest ties to the origin of golf….

Top Three Golf Swing Set-Up Tips

Learn key golf swing set-up basics necessary to advance your game to the next level. These set-up basic building blocks are essential in developing a powerful and repeating golf swing.

2012 Memorial Weekend Tournament

Last week the Memorial tournament was filled with high’s and lows. The tournament also had magic many people watching will never forget any time soon.

The History of Golf Bags

Throughout the history of the game of golf, golf bags have paralleled the progression of the game. If you were to go all the way back to the birth of golf in Scotland, golf bags were not even in existence. Players would typically carry their different clubs or simply bind them together with some type of cord.

What You Need to Know About Stack and Tilt

There is a new popular golf swing method today. And it is called the “Stack and Tilt”. In theory, it is rather simple and the results are quite fabulous.

Basic Golf Tips for Beginners! Learn How Simple This Tough Sport Is!

Golf is one of the toughest sports out there so you’re going to need a whole lot of patience and discipline. Learning the sport and actually getting to be quite good at it, then it’s going to take a lot of time and practice. If you’re looking for a sport you can quickly pass the learning curve and be able to immediately get the whole concept of the sport, then golf is certainly not for you.

Selecting the Best Golf Lessons – What You Need To Look For

Golfing is a great pastime as long as you know how to play the game. This is a great way to stay fit and also to make friends and business contacts. If you are a complete novice to this sport then you ought to get the best available golf lessons.

Why Do We Need To Fix a Golf Slice?

What is a golf slice, you may ask? Well, a golf slice is a common mistake while playing golf. This happens when the ball ends up in an unintentional trajectory that is completely opposite of what is expected.

What Are The Benefits of the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

The Stack and Tilt swing pretty much amazed the masses since it’s introduction in June 2007. It was developed by the well-known PGA Tour instructors, Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. It was a swing designed to maximize the ball’s flight and how straight it will fly into the air.

Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing Techniques

Since Tiger Woods’ fame, a lot of youngsters were opened to the possibility of golf as a lucrative career. It is true the golf can bring you fame and fortune like it did for most of the masters. But, you must be good at it first.

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