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The True Path to Golf Consistency – Develop a More Consistent Golf Game by Controlling Specifics

It is no wonder that the majority of golfers will never achieve the consistency in their golf game that they desire. In many cases they are trying to control the uncontrollable and failing completely to work on the things within their own game that they can actually control and improve. Getting more consistency is such a general wish that as far as your brain is concerned it is just a non starter. You are going to have to get really specific and take proper action if you want to arrive at your desired destination.

How to Hit the Ball Farther Than You Even Dreamed of in 3 Easy Steps

The internet is huge where there are hundreds of millions of people connected to it. Subjects for everyone are increasingly being discussed. Perhaps hitting the ball farther would be interesting to you. A good many others are curious about exactly the same thing. This informative article is all about showing you and teaching you exactly how to hit the ball longer and better.

Top 3 Tricks For Highly Effective Weight Transfer in Your Swing

While you are trying to hit the ball far, it really is important that you do things correctly. If you don’t, the results could possibly be disastrous. Chances are you’ll wind up hitting the ball badly, and even topping or duffing the ball completely. Allow me to share three great tips on how to keep that from taking place.

True Blue Plantation – The Best of Myrtle Beach

True Blue Plantation in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina is a modern take on the classical links style golf course. Originally opened in 1998, True Blue is a golfer’s paradise, with a list of accolades a mile long.

How to Avoid Rip Offs When Planning Your Golf Holiday

You would not really want to end your golf holiday thinking it had all been a rip-off. Discover how you can avoid being cheated out of a good deal by reading this article.

Why Learn the Professional Swing Sequence? Lower Your Handicap Without Swing Changes

Do you want to knock shots off your handicap without swing changes? Would you like to experience that great feeling in your body when you absolutely scream one out the middle of the club face and the ball rockets to your target just like you imagined more often? Learn the Professional Swing Sequence and you are guaranteed to play better golf, have more fun and probably whip your buddies on the golf course more often.

Interested in Playing Golf, But Cannot Go to the Lawns? Golf Betting is Just For You

There is a wonderful game that offers you to play in wide open greeneries with patches of trees, ponds and sand. Welcome to the world of golf! This is one sport that you can play while connecting to the nature. If you are interested in this game, but love to observe the many championships and PGA tours and tournaments, then you should have gained good knowledge about the sport.

The Best Golf Course – Worthy of a Player’s Respect

It is common for some people to become careless and nonchalant when it comes to dealing with things other than their own. In the same way, some golfers who get caught up in an exciting round of golf tend to forget a tiny responsibility that comes with availing the services of a golfing facility: respect for the place.

What Makes a Golf Course Design

To some people, the challenge that comes with an exciting round of golf goes beyond having to score more points than their opponents. The challenge also lies in dealing with the obstacle that is the golf course design itself.

The Privileges of Living in a Golf Course Community

As the term implies, a golf course community refers to the community established around a golf course, allowing only residents and their occasional guests to enjoy an exciting game of golf on the course. Nowadays, a golf course community can be found in almost every state in the US as well as other foreign countries.

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