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Footjoy Golf Shoes – Why Are Footjoy Golf Shoes Simply in a Class of Their Own?

I must admit that when it comes to the world of golf shoes, the Footjoy brand is simply in a class of its own. In this article we shall take a look at a few factors or things that must have led the Footjoy brand to it highly esteemed position.

Golf Instruction Books – How to Choose the Right One

With so many golf book instructions to buy from the book store, you have the tendency is to buy them all. But wait! That’s expensive! When you look at each book, you could almost see the same thing. It only varies in texture of the book material made, a slight difference in pictures from each book. You get attracted to the pictures and the diagrams, and formulas and you feel you can be a better player when you follow all of it. Each one is born unique.

How to Hit Great Iron Shots – Easy Iron Play Tips For Golfers of All Standards

One thing we all need to consider when hitting iron shots is ball position. When hitting your longer irons the ball needs to be a little bit further forward in your stance than when you are hitting your shorter irons. That’s because of the way the golf swing works and the width of the golf swing.

Custom Golf Clubs – What Are They?

If you take your clubs – may it be one club or an entire set of putter, irons, and woods – to be custom made to your specifications to fit your unique physical characteristics and have them assembled for you, then they are made into custom golf clubs. These clubs can be used by your friend or fellow golfer, and they might be comfortable enough using them, but you will be happy with the thought that you have clubs made just for you.

Matchplay Secrets Revealed!

Some important issues involving how to play in a matchplay situation. From club selection to playing mind games with your golf buddies.

How to Stop Pushing Golf Shots – An Easy Fix to an Often Perplexing Problem For Golfers

I have had plenty of students that came to me asking for help to stop pushing golf shots. So much so that I find myself giving the same advice over and over again, which is really atypical to the usual day-to-day golf lessons I give.

Custom Golf Clubs – Why Go For It?

If only all people are of the same height, weight, and measurements, custom golf clubs wouldn’t be needed. All club makers and manufacturers would make clubs that are standardized and uniform. No golf player would worry about achieving the best swing so that their game would improve. But reality is different. Each one of us is unique and built differently and so should their clubs.

Custom Golf Clubs Can Improve Your Game

Are you a golf enthusiast but is getting tired of having to go to the club repair shop every now and then? If yes, then you are one of the many golf players who have to deal with club repair just so that you can play the game that you love so much. What if there is an option?

Custom Golf Clubs – An Overview

When you hear the term custom golf clubs, what comes into your mind? If you are one of the majority of golf players that I talk to, then your answer might probably one of the following misconceptions – custom clubs are very pricey, they are only for the professional players, or they cannot compare to superior brand clubs. Before we shed some light into these misconceptions, we need to know exactly what they are and why are they used by more and more golfers.

Custom Golf Clubs – Can They Really Help Improve Your Game?

Any golfer would eventually need to replace their old set of clubs with new ones. Many golf players purchase new clubs just because they always want to keep up with what’s new, not because they really need new ones. Whatever your reason is for buying new clubs, the question remains: Will custom golf clubs really improve your golf game? Read on to find out.

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