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How to Fix a Slice With the Best Golf Swing Drills

Do you know the perfect and best golf swing drills on how to correct a slice. No, not exactly? Then read this article and discover some of the best drills and golf swing keys to improve your game.

How to Get a Proper Golf Swing Technique in 3 Sure Fire Ways

As a golfer you will want to improve your game and get a smooth golf swing technique to achieve your goals. Indeed you want to know how to get a proper swing otherwise you would not read this article. And I will show 3 sure fire ways to bring your game to the next level. So, read on and enjoy these golf swing keys.

TaylorMade R9 Series Features Flight Control Technology

Hints the name, golfers are able to “tailor” or modify the TaylorMade R9 Series to their needs. With several features to optimize and fine-tune their clubs, golfers are able to perform better on the greens.

Titleist 909 Series Features Advanced Launch and Ball Flight

The Titleist 909 Series golf clubs allow the most skilled golfers to play their best. With enhanced launch, ball flight, sound and feel, performance does not get better than this.

How to Improve at Golf – 3 Tips to Start Hitting Better Golf Shots

Do you want to learn how to improve at golf but have no idea where to start? Well often times lessons from a professional can be quite expensive, and many people who are telling you what to do probably are not that good at golf themselves. Here I am going to share with you how to get better at golf, and this is advice that you can actually use!

Stop Unplugging Your Power Source in Your Golf Swing

Think about all the power sources that are available to you in your golf swing and then think about how you are using them. Here is a golf lesson that you will not get on the range. A powerful golf lesson that will help you increase your power and distance. Hit it straight as you can point, shock and amaze your skeptics. And best of all, you don’t need to look any further than what you already have. You are born with these power sources. Let’s do this.

What Makes the Simple Golf Swing?

The concept of the game of golf is quite simple. Hit a ball as near as possible to a hole at a far side and then put it into a hole. But when you actually try to do it, you find that is it not as simple as it seems. Just about twenty percent of golf players achieve this goal with the minimum of strokes and this is due to the inconsistency of their swings. Getting over your problems shouldn’t be very difficult; all you need is consistency.

Golf – Get a Grip

Your hands provide you with your only contact to the golf club and therefore they also provide the only contact between you and the ball. This means that you must ensure you develop a grip on the club which is comfortable for you and that allows you to control the club properly without holding the club too tightly. There are some things you should consider therefore when buying a new club.

How to Prevent a Golf Slice – Instant Cures That Work

Many players are clueless of how to prevent a golf slice, but it’s much easier than you think. Here’s how to do it right now.

The Not So Secret Tiger Wood’s Golf Swing

There is a question that is in the minds of most people who play golf and also enjoy watching it even if they do not play it themselves; “Why is Tiger Woods so good at golf? How come he is so consistent? In what way is he different that makes him stand out from the crowd?” There are these and other questions.

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