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A Golf Lesson by Paul Runyan – How to Master the Greenside Chip

Paul Runyan, old time golfer and 2 – time PGA Championship winner ( 1934 and 1938 ) became well known for his short game expertise. He earned himself the nickname of “Little Poison”, chiefly because he didn’t drive the ball very far, but made up for this with an amazing short game. How to master the greenside chip. This shot, used correctly, will enable you to lower your golf scores.

Fundamentals of a Proper Golf Swing

One of the games where a person’s determination and discipline can be seen is Golf. It is also a game where an individual’s heart can wholly be. While some see the game to be a boring activity, the avid players and watchers of the game will tell you that it is a great sport. If you are a novice, you have to learn to get a proper golf swing with some basic golf instructions.

Hit Longer Golf Drives – Get Longer Distance in Golf by Staying Flexible

Staying flexible is extremely important when it comes to hitting longer golf drives and your golf game. It prevents you from getting injured, and can also help you create more torque and power in your swing.

Best Putters – The Ebony Blade Golf Putter

The best putters in the world of golf come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but some putters stand out more than others. The Ebony Blade Golf Putter is a very rare black wood putter. The wood is one of the most exotic woods used to make a putter and its good that they decided to make one cause it is gorgeous.

Steps to Perfect Golf Playing

Do you know that you can improve your physical ability as well as your knowledge about how you should handle the clubs when golfing. With enough determination and use you can begin to play more efficiently. Apart from engaging your own personal trainer to help you become a better golfer, there’s a few other methods by which you can get guidance on your form and your technique.

Adjust Grip Pressure to Gain More Distance on Tee Shots

We all want to hit our golf drives a longer distance. We want to step up to the tee and blast one right down the middle some 300 plus yards just like Tiger Woods, or are his drives 400 plus yards? Ironically, often when we try to hit our drives further we have the opposite effect, and the harder we try the shorter the golf ball flies. It is common to start losing distance on your tee shots when you beginning trying too hard, it happens to even the best golfers, and unfortunately this can lead to frustration that can carry over into other shots as well.

Golf Hook – Easily Get Rid of Your Hook Once and For All

The golf hook is a common problem that plagues many players. However, most have no idea what causes it and just continue suffering from this swing flaw their whole playing career. Here is how to easily eliminate it today.

Playing Your First Golf Round – Part 9 – “The Putt”

Some information on putting, a very important aspect of the game of golf – more than half of the golf score is determined by your putting game. The “Putt” is the stroke or shot in golf once your ball has landed on the green. This shot calls for rolling the ball toward the flagstick or cup if the flag has already been removed and is normally made using the putter.

Hit Longer Golf Drives – The Key to Golf Distance is in Your Mind

One of the main keys to golf distance involves staying confident while playing. Most people get extremely frustrated when they hit a bad shot. There are a number of ways to help boost your confidence in the course.

How to Break 80 – Golf Tips to Breaking 80 Easily

It doesn’t matter if you have been playing golf for decades or have just taken up a club, the greatest achievement for many golfers is breaking 80. Anyone can learn how to break 80. Golf can be taught, even to those who don’t have natural talent.

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