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Golf GPS Rangefinders – 10 Ways They Can Improve Your Game

Should you buy a golf GPA? Is it just a gimmick or passing fad?

I Will Master That Golf Grip and Swing Correctly – Then Maybe I Can Have Fun Again!

I am ready to have fun on the course again. I will master that golf grip and swing correctly so that I can get good results without all that thinking!

Golf and Get Fit

Golf is not only great for fitness but is usually shared by friends. Getting together with great friends or family for an afternoon on a golf course can be enjoyable.

Golf Swing Power Made Easy

Golf swing power is one thing that can really improve ones overall golf game. Let’s face it, without a long distance drive the strokes are just going to keep adding up. I know this from first hand experience. So how can you develop more power in your golf swing?

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs – What Do You Really Need?

You are a beginning golfer, and it is time to buy your first set of clubs. Oh my God! What are we going to do now? If you want to play golf and you don’t want to swing the “BIG DOG” then what is the point? Golf is a game of distance and accuracy.

Your Favourite Golf Club

Do you have a favourite club? I’ve been asking friends and I have had some interesting answers and if I had picked each one’s favourite, I would have exceeded my allocation of 14!

The Right Way to Swing a Golf Club For Accuracy and Distance

Tiger Woods makes hitting the golf ball look so easy. But anyone that has tried to play golf knows that it is not as easy as it looks. This article looks at the art of mastering How to Swing a Gold Club For Accuracy and Distance.

Basic Golf Clothing Notes

The look and feel of golf clothing will usually show in good form. We are going to take a quick look at basic golf wear. Wearing casual clothes is tacky and something not good to wear on the golf course (such as jeans and tank tops). We have some basic tips for clothing you wear on the golf course.

Modern Golf Clothing

Modern golf clothing is focused more on performance rather than making a fashion statement. Many times however, performance that’s needed in golf wear converges quite nicely with style.

Clubhead Release Motion

Clubhead release motion is the second of ten distinctions between the swinging golf swing and the hitting golf swing. Sequential release is associated with the swinging swing. Simultaneous release is associated with the hitting swing.

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