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Black Squirrel Golf Club, Goshen, Indiana, a 4-Star Certified Course

If you enjoy playing a course that may require you to use virtually every club in your bag, then Black Squirrel Golf Club is one to add to your list. Black Squirrel was designed by Tom Zimmerman in 1988 and opened for play in 1989. Built on former farmland, the course features sloping greens and a rolling terrain.

What Causes A Slice In Golf?

So what exactly causes a slice you might ask! A slice is usually caused by a combination of an out to in swing path as well as an open club face at impact, both of which will have a very negative effect on your golf shot. Here we will aim to point out the main reasons this happens and hopefully get you on the right track to hitting straighter more consistent golf shots.

Putting Problems? Drills to Help You Make More Putts

Most golfers spend most of their practice time at the range and can hit the ball a mile. But many that spend most of their practice time hitting the long ball will add unnecessary stokes to their score because of a lack of short game. Yet, even the best of putters have blown a short putt that they normally would have made 9 times out of 10. So how can a golfer insure that they won’t add needless strokes to their score due to missed putts that they thought they should have made? Here are putting drills to help assure a lower number on your score card.

Stop Leaking Power From Your Golf Swing Using This Weird Trick

This simple cheap and easy to practice drill will make you stop leaking power from your golf swing and get you hitting longer straighter and more consistent drives. This is a simple drill you can even use indoors to tune up your swing when you can’t get out the the course.

3 Reasons To Tell A Golf Ball Goodbye On The Course

Losing one golf ball is typical for many golfers over the course of 18 holes. Losing two balls is also common and can be a bit disappointing. Losing three balls or more officially qualifies as embarrassing and monetarily costly.

How To Play Golf For Beginners

If you want to learn how to start playing golf your in the right place. But before you even think about stepping out on to the golf course there are a few thing you will need to get you started. These include a basic understanding of golf rules/etiquette, basic golf equipment and a great deal of practice.

Do You Warm Up For Golf?

This is a loaded question, but what is your warm up for golf? Or, are you like most golfers, and get to the course 5 minutes before your round starts, and rush to the first tee? If so, what was the result? Did you stripe it down the middle long and straight? I think I can answer that question, but I’ll bet you can too! Golf is like any other sport. You MUST warm up to prepare your body to perform. Cold golf muscles do not produce a good golf swing. In fact, your mechanics and power are at it’s lowest point when your body is not warmed up.

Putting Drills to Lower Golf Scores

What is the fastest way to lower your golf scores? What shot takes up the most shots in a normal round of golf? Are there any special skills or equipment needed to improve this part of my game?

Golf Tips for 2011

Most amateur golfers, including the majority weekend hackers who continue in the hoping game that their next round will be better, need only to focus on a very few things and to practice them well, both at the range and in their playing rounds, to become better, more satisfied golfers and to get those lower scores. Let’s look at half a dozen simple things that can dramatically improve your game. The first thing to realize is mental.

Workout Exercises for Golfers

Golfers need to exercise their arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs, but the core is where much of the power necessary for the golf swing comes from. Golf workout exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles are very important, but the problem is most golfers (and people in general) use crunches to work out their abdominal muscles. What are some alternatives to crunches that will help you with your golf game?

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