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Hit Longer Golf Drives – The Simple Way to Get More Distance on Drives!

When looking for how to get more distance on drives, I generally turn to the basics in my swing. If my distance is hurting, then I am missing something with my fundamentals. There are many different drills available to golfers online, but most are extremely technical and can cause more problems than they actually solve. Most of the drills I use are mental drills. Golf is a mind game. Your body knows what to do, but your mind gets in the way due to over analyzing. Here are a few things that I like to do to correct the problems in my swing, without doing a swing overhaul.

Three Golf Swing Keys You Need to Dramatically Reduce Your Stroke Average in Two Weeks

Squaring the club head at impact, staying inside the ball and a solid pre shot routine will really help you reduce your golf scores. Having the right mechanics and mental game is great way to shoot lower.

Left Handed Golf Swing – Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Game

The left handed golf swing is the same as the right handed motion. However, it’s obviously easier to picture with instruction tailored to your side of the ball. Here are proven methods for improving your game quickly and easily.

In Two Weeks Your Golf Scores Will Be Dramatically Lower – How to Swing a Golf Club Correctly

Learning how to swing a golf club correctly can help you reduce scores and make the game more enjoyable to play. It’s an amazing walk when you are playing an the optimal levels.

A Compact Golf Ball Retriever Saves Bag Space

When considering all of the gear you will need to store in your golf bag: clubs, balls, tees, etc., there is not always enough spare room to store a golf ball retriever. This is true not only when you strap your golf bag to the back of a golf cart, but especially true when you decide to walk the course and carry your bag. There is a solution!

Hit Longer Golf Drives – A Few Simple Keys to Longer Drives That Helped Me This Morning!

During my round this morning, I was having some major issues with my swing. My distance was slacking, and I was getting extremely angry. After the turn, I sat down and thought about what I was doing wrong. I was forgetting the basics!

Try These 3 Steps to a Better Golf Swing and Your Buddies Will Wonder Where All Their Money Went

Sending the ball into the parking lot on the first tee is no fun at all. Nothing can get your ears redder than rolling the ball off the front of the tee box. Try these 3 steps to a better golf swing to see how you can shoot lower scores.

Big Bertha Hawkeye – Review

Additionally, the large face area of the Big Bertha Hawkeye, found in many Callaway clubs, allows newer golfers still working on their swing a wider sweet spot to work with. This helps even the most amateur of golfers keep up in a friendly game, while allowing for constant and steady improvement over time.

Improve Golf Game With Exercise

Just like any other sport, golfers are athletes. Therefore, it is very important to take an overall look at the strength in your body if you have been struggling to get the type of scores that you want. Golfing uses a specific set of muscles that are required to swing your club.

Golf Improvement Tips For Your Game

If you are looking for some good, simple and really useful tips regarding improving your game in golf, the first thing you should consider is that the game has undergone certain profound changes over all these years. If this surprises you as strange, the upshot that can be gathered from here is that the change has hardly occurred in the way how the game is played, or the basic rules. What then are these changes we are talking about?

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