Quadruple bogey followed by a HOLE-IN-ONE! 8-1! 🤯

Which Golf Tools and Gadgets Do You Really Need?

As soon as you start playing golf it is like someone has got a hold of your wallet. Which tools will really help improve your game and which are just designed to separate you from your hard earned cash?

Get Rid of Golf Swing Slice

It is only normal to experience golf swing slice especially for people who are new to golf, it is due to the pressure you receive from all around you while playing and anxiety of the expectation from may friends and fans. Golf swing slice can be very uncomfortable for new comers. It usually starts when you stand on the tee and I believe the same thing happen to others golfers.

Work on Your Golf Practice Swing

When you play golf, you usually take a swing or two before you approach the ball, virtually every time you play. Your golf practice swing is loose and easy, and feels good. But, when you stand over the ball, the ease with which you swing is gone and you stiffen up. This is a common problem for many golfers.

Stop Hitting the Ball Off of the Toe – 3 Tips to Make Solid Contact Every Time

Hitting solid golf shots is an essential part of playing good golf. If you are constantly hitting the ball off of the toe of the club, then you are making inconsistent contact, and will see mediocre shots at best. In this article I am going to show you three tips to stop hitting the ball off of the toe.

How to Hit Your Long Irons – 3 Tips For High Towering Shots

90% of golfers struggle to hit the long irons, and many golfers are replacing them with hybrids. However, many professional golfers are still hitting long irons, and there is a reason for that. The reason that the pros still use long irons is because sometimes you need to hit the ball low, and also need to hit it high. In this article I am going to show you how to save the expense of buying new hybrids, and just learn to hit the long irons that are already in your bag.

How to Hit a Driver Off the Deck – Hitting a Driver Off of the Ground is Easy!

Do you really want to impress your playing competitors? If so, then you should try hitting a driver off of the ground. Why would you need to do this? Well, say you are about to hit your second shot on a par five, but you cannot quite reach with a 3 wood. If you can learn to hit your driver off of the ground effectively, then you give yourself a much greater chance to reach par fives in just two shots.

Stop Shanking the Golf Ball – The Madness Ends Today With These 3 Tips!

Ah the dreaded S word. It is something that is rarely spoken by golfers, because it is the one problem in golf that can strike anyone regardless of skill level. In this article I am going to share with you three tips that you can use in order to stop shanking the ball, and start hitting solid iron shots again!

What Causes a Hook? 3 Tips to Stop Your Golf Hook Right Now!

80% of golfers who play the game of golf slice the ball, but what about the players who tend to hit a dreaded hook? In this article I am going to explain to you what causes a hook, as well as direct you to a free resource that can really improve your golf game.

Chip Shot Tips

A strong short game is necessary to have success in golf. Having a solid chip shot in your arsenal will dramatically improve your short game. With a solid chip you can hole out or at least leave yourself with a tap in putt.

The Tour Without Tiger

The PGA Tour survived without Tiger before but how will his most recent hiatus hurt their TV ratings and checkbook. Only time will tell this story although we can always give our opinion.

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