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2 Very Important Skills Involved in Truly Watching the Golf Ball

Watching the Golf Ball is a SKILL that must be perfected. There are TWO skills involved in Watching the Golf Ball. The FIRST is being able to watch the ball all the way up to impact. The SECOND is being able to watch the ball after impact until it comes to rest where you hit it to.

Choosing Trendy Ladies’ Golf Apparel

Every game has a dressing code and so does golf. In the earlier days there was no particular ladies’ apparel but as more and more women have become interested in golf you will see proper apparel present in the market. Ladies’ apparel is a lot different from the men’s golf apparel, it is more stylish, chic and elegant.

PGA Tour Pays For Tiger’s Absence

Visit any country club in golf season and you’ll find caddies scrubbing, polishing, and cleaning the clubs that their golfers have abused. Now project that scene onto a far-grander scale and you’ll have some idea as to what’s going on in golf these days. PGA officials and Tiger Woods’ advisers are toiling over the superstar’s badly scuffed image.

Lower Your Golf Score by Six Strokes – Without Practicing

Grip down. Slow down. Develop a perfect setup. Learn to play the game. If you do these four things alone, you can lower your handicap by six strokes, easily.

Common Golf Injuries and How to Prevent Them

If you feel pain in any part of your body when you play golf, this article is for you. There is always something that can bring relief and let you play your best golf game without suffering. A lot of gear is available to sooth pain while protecting your muscles and joints for fun pain free golf.

3 Great Golf Chipping Tips

Golf can be a frustrating game even for the best players. Here are 3 great tips to improving your chipping skills.

How to Buy a Golf Club Set

It is very important that beginners select the right kind of golf clubs and golf driver sets to enjoy a great sport like golfing. To buy the right set is almost like a skill that very few people possess. For those who do not have any experience in purchasing clubs, will find this article highly useful.

Putting Techniques – Lower Your Handicap

Your putting technique is THE most important part of the game of Golf. You make 40 – 50% of all shots on the putting green.

Understanding the Golf Slice and How to Cure It

Lots of golfers these days have one main question which is the best way to fix a Golf Slice. It appears as though it’s by far the most annoying question on just about every golf players mind. If your current Golf swing appears more like a boomerang, in which case you most likely have got a worry with a Golf Slice.

Ladies Golf – Essential Golf Gear

This year is going to be a great year for Ladies Golf! Never before has there been such a tremendous selection of equipment, accessories, and apparel for women that love the game of golf. After decades of lagging, ladies’ golf clubs have the all the technology and customization available in men’s golf clubs. The quality and selection of accessories and golf gear is better than ever.

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