Presidents Cup Captain Trevor Immelman discusses LIV Golf departures and his 2022 International Team

Golf Stat Tracker

Having trouble tracking down your scores and keeping your records to help you win a golf tournament? If the answer is yes, whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or a pro, Golf Stats Tracker is the right tool for you to keep your golfing status up to date.

Why Are Augusta’s Greens So Tough? Green Speed and Stimpmeter

Until 1978 there was no way to compare the speed of golf greens but today we can measure and compare greens. Perhaps the toughest greens are Augusta which are renowned for their speed and undulations. But how fast are they?

Introduction to Golf – Behaviour and Social Mannerism on the Golf Course

This article narrates some guidelines on the way the golf game should be played. If adhered, everyone should be able to enjoy the game; the foremost principle being consideration for other golfers on and in the vicinity of the course.

Golf – How the Angle of Your Spine Affects Your Swing

If you’ve ever tired to close a door that has loose hinges, you know how hard it is to do. If you’ve ever tried to hit a golf ball when your spine angle changes during the swing, it’s just as hard.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf is widely known as one of the most difficult and complex games and understanding everything on the golf course in many areas is a huge task. Even with its intricacy, golf remains an entertaining game to watch. It looks so simple, natural, so smooth and so fluid when watching great pros swing the motion.

Golf Swing Instruction Simplified

In this article on golf swing instruction simplified lets consider the tour players and break their swing techniques into different fundamentals like. For more details please, read the article!

Easily Master the Golf Swing Release by Focusing on Fundamentals

It is a disservice to golfers everywhere that most golf instruction acts as if golf is not really a sport, but some elusive contortion that only a Zen Master could accomplish. Such is the case when talking about the golf swing release. When faced with a challenge in golf, like all other sports, go back to the fundamentals.

In Order to Create Power You First Must Learn the Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club!

Within the next month, spring will be finally here in the Northeast. There are clear signs that the days are getting longer and the temperatures outside is definitely improving. So what have you done to get ready for the up coming golf season?

Tom Watson

Born in Kansas City to humble origins, Thomas Sturges Watson grew up in Stillwell and built a reputation as one of the area’s most promising youth golfers. After honing his game in the area, he went on to play golf at Stanford, one of the nation’s leading collegiate teams.

Horton Smith

Emerging from the small town of Springfield, Missouri Horton Smith rose to the great heights of professional golf in the 1920s. After attending college at the State Teacher’s College in Missouri, his talents earned him the nickname as the “Joplin Ghost” for playing stellar golf at a local club.

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