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Discover Ecco Women’s Golf Shoes – Perfect For You

The Ecco brand is one of the most popular brands of golf shoes on the market today. It’s not difficult to see why Ecco women’s golf shoes are so popular. If you see a woman playing a mean game of golf, whilst looking cool, calm and comfortable, chances are she’s wearing a pair Ecco women’s golf shoes.

Junior Golfers and How to Nurture Them

When it comes to Junior Golfers, every family member, friend and passer by has advice to give. Here is how to really nurture talent.

Custom Golf Club Fitting – Is it Always a Good Idea?

To many people the idea of custom fitting a golf club is the solution to all golfing problems. Straighten slices and hooks, flatten high balls and generally get more distance from straighter and more accurate balls. Is this really the case?

How EFT Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game in Minutes

Swinging badly, pathetic at putting. Let EFT help you get your golf game on track.

Golf Balls May Be the Difference

Golf balls are something that must be taken seriously if you want for your game to be the best it can be. Equipping yourself with the exact type of golf balls can give you a leg up, will most certainly improve your score and inevitably drop your score to help you move on to a more competitive playing field.

The First Part of the Backswing

So, in starting back, you will start to see the reason for everything you have done to this point. The upper body all turns away from the ball at the same time.

The Second Part of the Backswing

For this part of the swing, I wanted to talk about the part in the backswing from the club being about parallel to the ground all the way until the top. This part of the swing is built on momentum.

The Downswing of the Golf Swing

The end of the backswing and the beginning of the downswing are the same thing. That is, they shouldn’t be viewed as two separate things. Instead, view them as a blend.

Impact Position in the Golf Swing

If you get to the top of the backswing, then turn your hips back towards the target without doing anything with your hands, you will be in the correct position to hit from the inside out. Your hands will still be cupped a bit at this point.

How to Finish the Golf Swing

Impact is obviously the most important part of the swing. For all that is said about the stuff that goes on during the swing, the impact position of the best players is usually pretty consistent.

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