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Watch Out For Hidden Handicaps

Golf tips come from all sorts of places. That doesn’t mean they can’t help you chop strokes off your golf handicap. The advice might be from an unusual source, but if you don’t give it an honest evaluation, you might miss a good thing.

What the Heck Do I Need a Pre Shot Golf Routine For?

Do you think that it would be beneficial if you were setup in the best physical position and properly mentally prepared to play before EVERY shot on the course? The goal of pre shot routines is to do just that, get you physically and mentally prepared to make your best possible swing every time whether it’s a short putt or the big stick.

Start With Your Stats – Part I

Among the best-and fastest-ways of cutting one’s golf handicap is by improving your weaknesses. We all love to hit long, straight drives, but if driving isn’t really a weakness, hitting drives at the practice range over and over again won’t do much to improve your game.

Improve Your Golf Play – Putting

Is your putting game letting you down? It may be that you are overthinking the situation. There are a number of basic things you should try to incorporate in your putting game but essentially it comes down to you developing a personal putting style.

All About Golf Clubs – Putters

How do you go about choosing a golf putter? After all, there are a lot of them on the market and there are some weird and wonderful shapes and lengths to choose from. You might find after reading this article though that the choice is not as complicated as you thought it would be.

How to Perfect Your Putter Grip? List of Popular Putting Styles

For those who have played golf for a few years, it is common knowledge that it is a game where you need to concentrate a lot on the details. Even things like the brand of the golf ball that you are playing with matters a lot when it comes to this game. The golf grip stands as one of the most important aspects of the game.

Choosing the Right Hybrid

There’s no denying the hybrid’s popularity. More and more golfers are carrying them in their bags, and more and more manufacturers are making them. Hybrids are even growing in popularity among PGA pros.

Sinking More Pressure Putts

You often hear people during golf lessons say: You drive for show, but you putt for dough. This old saying emphasizes the importance of putting. And it’s dead on. About 30 percent of your strokes during a round are putts.

Mastering the Masters

The Masters is among golf’s premier Tour events. Played at Augusta National Golf Club, it brings together the Professional Golf Associations (PGA) top players in a four-day tournament considered among the sport’s toughest venues.

Playing Smart at the Masters Pays Off

If you think that the Masters hasn’t been the same the last few years, you’re not alone. Many observers feel that the tournament has lost something. Some attribute the loss to changes made at Augusta National the last few years by the country club.

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