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Comparing Features of Golf Shoes to Find the Ideal Pair

Golf shoes are not one-size-fits-all. Learn about the different features and how to choose the right pair for your feet and golfing style.

Top Causes of Golf Cart-Related Injuries

Whether used in golf courses, hospitals, schools, and gated communities, golf cart can offer a lot of benefits. However, when misused, they can also be the cause of accidents that can result to fatal injuries.

Safety Reminders When Driving Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are a necessity when you’re in the golf hobby. They make life easier for you by making sure you get to your ball quickly and with ease. To stay safe when driving your golf cart, you might want to follow these reminders.

The Important Things You Need To Know About Backyard Putting Greens

Backyard putting greens came a long way in popularity. Most golf players desire to own one. With these putting greens, you obtain convenience and also efficiency.

Two Types Of Backyard Putting Greens

Backyard putting greens have earned their place as one of the top preferred gifts of golf players. Both newbie and professional golfers go gaga over putting greens. It offers comfort to a hectic golf enthusiast who also has some other priorities and responsibilities in their life.

The Golf Swing Is Counter Intuitive

There are very good reasons why most golfers continue to struggle to improve their golf swing. The golf swing is complex, involving a sequenced chain reaction of timed movements requiring an accurate strike of a club head, on a small object, swinging at a high rate of speed, all while maintaining balance and posture.

Augusta National Golf Club – Golf’s Field of Dreams

The sleepy and relatively small town of Augusta, Georgia doesn’t seem like the kind of place that would draw world-class athletes of any sport, but for eighty years now, the Augusta National Golf Club has been one of the best (and most exclusive) places in the world for the legends of golf to come to play. Since 1934, this club has been the proud host of the Masters Tournament, one of the most famous championships in all of men’s professional golf. A History of the Course Before becoming the iconic golf course it is today, the…

Awesome Ride for Your Golf-Filled Weekends

Playing golf can really be tiring especially when you have to walk all throughout the 18 holes. Yes, it can be a good exercise but the game itself can already make you tired all the more if you have to walk for long miles to get to each hole. Having your own three-wheeler golf cart saves you the hassle of walking the long miles of a golf course.

The Ultimate Golf Ride

It is without a doubt that playing golf is a good way to get some exercise while having a good time with your friends and buddies. The game is not played against each other directly but more of a way to challenge yourself to do better. Just like runners who always want to beat their best time.

Steps To Take in Preparation for a Golf Competition

You have had a few games, but never an actual competition where there’s a price stake; this is your first major competition but you are in a dilemma as to how you would perform; this is your first game as a serious competitor, but you are not sure as to what steps to take in order to make a serious and impressive impression, as well as impact. If all of these situations are applicable to you, then you need not fret, for the essence of this write up is to avail you with the necessary steps on how to approach…

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