Playing a U.S. Open hole with hickory golf clubs | The Country Club at Brookline

Mizuno Golf Clubs – Built For Every True Student of the Game

Have you experienced entering a golf store? In the process you got overwhelmed with all the available equipment. Most likely this is very evident amongst beginners, and choosing a golf club is an ordeal to them. They could be lost with the wide variety of golf equipment that awaits your choice.

Keep Your Swing On-Plane To Hit Consistent Golf Shots

If you are struggling to keep your golf ball on the short staff (fairway), then it is likely you have a fault in your golf swing. This article will provide a better understanding of the golf swing plane and a drill you can use to check if your swing is on-plane.

Golf Types

Another famous golf type is the match play which consists of the two players. These two players play all of the holes. A team which wins the lowest scores wins the hole. The match play is usually withdrawn if the both parties get equal.

Wilson Golf Clubs – Proving That Legends Are Real

Remember that golf movie the legend of bagger Vance? Were the character Rannulph Junnah uses his golf prowess in order to regain the lost reputation, and the woman of his dreams. They thought he died in world one, only to surface 5 years later. Alcohol was the reason the once so talented golfer lost his skills. In the movie specific golf equipments were not mentioned, though is real life they do matter. Wilson golf clubs have been aiding amateur and professional players for the longest time. 1913 was the year Wilson sporting goods was founded, but until they are very much involved in providing people quality sports gears. Let us take a closer look on why people are choosing the Wilson over other brands.

Tips To Fix My Slice Faster

Correcting slice in your golf game is the best way to shear the strokes inedible from your game. There are many other wrong shots but slice is the most terrible shot that any golfer can face.

How to Cure a Slice Effectively

The two major causes of the slice are the open face club and the wrong swing path. A right shot only occurs when the club face is square at the impact. If the club face is coming openly during the impact, the club will cut crossways to the ball thus causing a slice shot. In order to cure this slice, club face must be square at the impact to give a correct shot.

Master Your Golf Swing Tempo And Break 80s In No Time

Overview Wouldn’t it be nice to break 80 in a round of golf? You would feel great, like you’re on top of the world. Some professionals have trouble breaking 80 sometimes.

How to Minimize the Effect of a Horrible Shot

Express your anger and be done with it. It is important to vent in order to be able to move on. However be sure to express your anger tactfully and in a manner that does not damage the golf course, your equipment and other players.

Golf Can Be a Bummer If You Are A Hacker – What Can Be Done To Improve Your Game?

Being a hacker when you play golf with your friends, family or coworkers can be frustrating and embarrassing. In some cases it can even be expensive. With the game is supposed to be relaxing and fun, your day can turn into a nightmare that you want to forget.

Titleist Golf Equipment

Aimed at lower handicap golfers, Titleist have a great reputation in the world of golf. Titleist golf clubs and Titleist golf balls are aimed at the very highest level of golfer, professionals and single figure handicappers, reflecting their mission to serve the needs of the serious and recreational golfer with value added products and services that have a competitive advantage worldwide.

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