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Golfing Can Be Hazardous – Are You Prepared For the Dangers? – Avoid the Accidents

Are you fond of playing golf? There are people whose favorite sport is golf undoubtedly. There are certain things you need to remember while playing this golf.

Get a Better Golf Swing – Stop Practicing Now!

Have you spent endless hours at the driving range hitting golf ball after golf ball with little or no improvement in your handicap? Well don’t worry your not alone! I understand the frustration you’re going through.

Golf – Mental Training – 5 Great Tips For Getting the Most From Your Next Round

To know the physical mechanics of golf is one thing the rest of the game comes down to actually performing. That is the part which so often breaks down. This important aspect of our golf game leads us on that wild goose chase to beat ourselves into submission on the driving range trying to hone our “muscle memory.”

Chipping a Golf Ball

The frustrating corners and nook of a ball can present golf as the gentleman’s game because of the discipline, patience and skill while playing it. Even the best golfers find it difficult with the rough. Here, you will find a few tips to chip a golf ball.

Proper Golf Club Grip Tips

The proper golf club grip can do far more to influence total ball trajectory than everything else in the golf game. For this reason we have started out with the proper grip. It’s actually the cornerstone of the swing, and a quick correction for those of you that have unsuitable golf ball flight shapes.

Golf Chipping – How to Chip a Golf Ball

The golf chip shot is possibly one of the most misunderstood and certainly score card wrecking plays in the game of golf. The fat shot or duff and the thinned skull across the green are both results of a poorly executed chip shot.

Golf Slice Cures – The 7 O’Clock to 1 O’Clock Golf Swing Drill

So you have a slice in your golf swing and it’s driving you to the point of distraction. You have tried to fix with a little help and advice from your friends, you know the stuff all one foot forward and standing like a broken duck, but nothing seems to work. You don’t enjoy your game any more and your confidence is at an all time low.

What Do Gun Carrying Skiers Know That Will Make You a Better Golfer?

Golfing is nowhere near as rigorous as cross-country skiing but golfers who perform well must make dozens of transitions between using their big muscles on the tee and fairways and their small control muscles while putting and chipping from around the greens. Golfers must also make the immediate transition between socializing with their playing partners and focusing on making a golf shot under the critical gaze of the other golfers.

Tiger Will Win the Masters?

Well the Masters is upon us and everybody is going to tune in to see how Tiger Woods reacts in his first public tournament sense his hiatus from golf. Personally I hope he does well. It is one of the blessing in life to be able to observe excellence and skill of a truly gifted person whatever their craft.

Golf Short Game Drills Will Improve Your Score

Golf short game drills are practiced to make you a better golfer. A drill is a repetitive action that has the sole aim to burn the action into your memory and thus allow you to perform that same action time after time.

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