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Golf Short Game – Five Tips on the Bump and Run Shot for Duffers

Interested in saving strokes? A good short game can save you about a stroke for every hole where you’ve missed the green. Discover how you can regularly get up down nearly every time.

TaylorMade Burner Drivers for Every Golfer

Perhaps every golfing novice feel the same way I felt when I was first faced with this beginning parts of my golfing hobby, the buying and choosing golfing stuff part. It isn’t so easy when the media bombards us with all these information about products that are half true and half vague in order to sell whatever product they are paid to market.

TaylorMade Burner – No Cash Burning Necessary

Most golfers need to spend a lot more than they initially anticipated when buying their golfing equipment. However, the TaylorMade Burner products promise not to burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time, intend to give you power, performance and higher Moments of Inertia with every hit.

Did Harry Invent the ‘Vardon’ Grip?

There has been much written, discussed, debated and argued as to the finer techniques of the grip. The act of resting ones hands upon the club was perhaps one of pure instinct to golfers of old. There were no hard and fast rules governing the grip.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

You are on the fairway and you are waiting for your playing partner to play first. While he is setting up to his ball you are giving all of your attention by studying the target in front of you, and agonising as to how you are going to play your shot.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind on the Putting Green

Do you think that if you were able to scan the putting surface more clearly you could make more putts? Of course you would. Would you also agree, that on many an occasion, your putts did not follow your intended line of sight?

The Secret to Golf Is Tempo Not Temper

Overall the swinging of the club is an easy act to accomplish and yet we have all at any given time experienced great difficulty in maintaining regularity during the performance. I have observed many a golfer take the most wonderful of practice swings prior to stepping on to the first tee. It is a delight to observe such gentle attributes of complete serenity.

Get Properly Set Before You Pull the Trigger

It’s a huge problem to some golfers who find it very difficult to understand how far apart their feet should be at address or how far they should be standing from the ball. I often enjoy sitting outside on the veranda with a relaxing drink during warm weather, and observe players take their address positions on the first tee. I see some with feet wide apart bent over from the waist with knees locked solid.

Nike VR Pro Combo Irons Review

Ever noticed what the world’s best players carry in their bag? No, then next time look closely at their clubs, especially the irons.You’ll notice that many of them use a combination of Cavity Back and Muscle Back irons. Generally speaking, the longer irons will be full cavity back with the short irons and wedges being blades. If the Pros are doing it, then surely it has to be a good move.

Golf Caddy: Quick Golf Tips and Advice

Golf pocket caddy is a type of pocket size golf instruction manual that helps you when you need it on the golf course. It always helps you like a professional golfer instructor.

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