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Women’s Golf – How it Can Help Women

Explore women’s golf, including some of the differences and similarities with the men’s game. Women’s golf can be a tool for networking and confidence in women.

Golf Training Products – An Overview

Are you an ardent lover of golf? If so, then let me tell you that if you want to learn golf, then you will come across several courses which will help you grasp this sport.

Control Your Thoughts and You Control Your Golf Results – Make Good Decisions

You are going to hit bad shots in golf, that’s a fact. It’s not a negative statement just one that reflects the true nature of golf. What determines your outcome at the end of 18 holes is how you react to a bad shot. Learn to deal with your bad shots properly and your score card will thank you, but your friends won’t as they hand over your winnings.

Smashing Drives – Serious Golf Swing Speed From 1 Lift!

Every good golfer loves to have a smashing drive on the fairway. The further you can hit the ball then the better chance you have in getting it in the hole at or under par.

How to Win Even When You Have Not Hit the Best Golf Shot – Develop a Winners Mind Set and Philosophy

Think back to how many times Tiger Woods, or someone like Phil Mickelson have come back from behind to win. Remember that it’s a foregone conclusion that you are going to hit some bad shots in any given round of golf because that’s the very nature of this game. Winning is not about trying to eliminate all bad shots, it’s about how you react and deal with what the game throws at you on any given day. Learn to do that well and you will win more often and do some of your own great “Come Backs!”

What to Look For When Choosing a Golf Resort

Want to play more golf? Want to go on a golfing holiday? Want to play some of the most famous golf courses in the world? Find out what to look for when choosing a golf resort.

Be Aware of Golf Swing Tips and Earn Your Progress

Noted players such as Tiger Woods and Ernie Els did not just sit down on their chair everyday and still wind up having a good golf swing. What they did was they consistently committed themselves with constant practice.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right Ones

Hybrid golf clubs help golfers to hit the ball more more consistently than they would with a typical iron or wood. These clubs are intended to replace or supplement the long irons that have long frustrated many players.

Golf Swing Drills – Your Secret to Play Golf Better

Learning how to swing is one of golf’s fundamental strategies that can help a player become better. But most newbies just don’t get the importance of learning golf swing drills and think that weekend golf games will do the trick to make them better golfers over time. Most newbie golfers start with less know-how when they hit the fairways; the next thing you know, they are hitting the grass and not the ball.

Here is a Powerful & Easy Golf Putting Routine That Will Get You Holing More Putts

Would you like a really simple and yet powerful putting practice routine that will combine some powerful aspects of putting ability from a technical standpoint and really bring out a powerful mental technique too? Try this drill for a few weeks and watch more great putts drop into the bottom of the cup.

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