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Tips For Golf Downswing

Are you one of the people who dig up necessary tips in doing golf downswing? Save your time in searching because we’ll be giving you the essential tips not only for those who are already playing it for a long time but also for those who are new to golf.

Short Game School

Short game schools offer services and guidelines to improve the game. These schools have an orderly program for instructions, offer golf training. Provide comprehensive manuals on golf and other interactive activities to foster learning. The short game school varies depending upon the facilities and program they offer.

Taylormade R9 Driver FCT and MWT Instructions

If you’re utterly confused about how to configure your new R9 driver you need to read these FCT & MWT instructions. We’ll show you exactly what each FCT setting does to your driver and teach you how to configure your MWT weight ports so you can drive the ball like you’ve always wished you could hit with your last driver.

Golf Putting Is Simple When You Apply The Correct Golf Putting Grip

Golf putting can make or break you as a golfer. Golf putting is a part of the game of golf that many find difficult.Golf putting skills will increase with a correct golf club grip.

Picking the Appropriate Golf Instructor for Children

As you can imagine there are numerous considerations that should be taken into account in order to choose the best golf instructor for a child. Of course, everyone needs to select an appropriate instructor and choosing an instructor can be a huge decision to make, but when you are selecting the instructor for a child there are several additional considerations that should be taken into account. Never rush into picking the first instructor that you find for your child, this can be a very big mistake, instead take the time to ensure that you pick out the best instructor possible.

Should You Take Golf Lessons?

If you have ever looked lonely onto a golf course and wished that you were capable of playing just as well as the professionals do, or if you have ever found yourself watching television wishing you could play along with them you may have the idea of golf lessons in your head. This is a sport that almost anyone can play and is appropriate for all ages as well as genders. There are professional levels, amateur levels, those who play for only fun, and even those who are children that play together.

Can You Learn Golf From A Book?

With golf slowly becoming one of the most popular sports around the world, it is only natural that the number of people looking to learn the sport increases as well.  With books, videos and even articles freely available online it is just a matter of time before many people try to turn to these methods alone to learn golf Yet this can be a very huge problem that is quite complicated if you do not already have a good set of foundation skills in place.

How Golf Drills Can Correct Your Slice Problems

If you have been struggling on the golf course and the source of these troubles comes from slicing the ball, then golf drills may be just what you need to correct golf slice problems. Slicing is an issue that occurs when the ball is not hit squarely and then proceeds to drift to the far right of the target.

Tips On Buying Golf Equipment

Buying new golf equipment could be expensive but there are great deals available on all clubs when buying online or in golf shops. Most golfers assume that the best deals for the equipments would be found online or in golf shops, but that’s not always the case. Many local golf shops at golf clubs have great deals on irons, drivers and putters and a golfer can generally try them before he plans to buy.

How Long Can Lee Westwood Stay at the Top?

In his first tournament as number one golfer in the world and having played only one tournament in three months due to his calf injury, Lee Westwood has to be satisfied finishing one shot behind Francesco Molinari to take second position at the HSBC World Golf Championship in China. Although Lee never quite managed to catch Molinari who led throughout the tournament, he definitely consolidated his number one in the world position.

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