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Golf Consistent Striking

Golf consistent striking. The most important aspect to golf ball striking with consistency – whether you are using a long iron, a short iron, or a mid iron is a perfect set up. The basic principle for any sport is how one is ready to compete. If the fundamentals are not right then nothing will be right.

Fundamental Golfing Ideas for Newcomers Learning the Game

Even though it is s­imple to find golf ­instruction hints for newcomers on search engin­es like Go­ogle, most cont­ent and e­books igno­re seve­ral a­spects which ­are essenti­al f­or be­ginn­ing golfers. Here ­are som­e fro­m the less known golf hints for b­egi­nni­ng golfers.

Disc Golf verses Ball Golf

Disc golf players often have an ongoing friendly rivalry with avid ball golfers. This rivalry is often fueled when ball golfers refuse to have an open mind about this new alternative encroachment of their much older sport.

Good Golf Is Habit Forming

Traditional golf instruction is based on error correction. This method works for golfers who have the time, money and dedication to practice for hours under constant supervision. For the once-a-week golfer, however, the obsession with perfect technique is an elusive goal. The secret to improvement for the “average” golfer is discovering the ingredients or recipe that led to peak performance in the past, and re-creating the recipe in the future. The secret is the art of selective memory. Replace the habit of dwelling on mistakes with a new habit of mentally rehearsing your best shots. Ultimately, you get what you focus on. This is one of the axioms applies equally to golf and life.

Camposol Golf: Sunshine, Golf and Relaxation

Camposol is home to a residential development in south east Spain, set in a valley amongst the picturesque mountain scenery. At it’s heart is a golf course, one of the best in the region, with excellent onsite facilities. All in all, a fantastic place for golfers to live, stay or holiday.

Golf Swing And The Angle Of Impact

Golf swing and the angle of impact. Find out why the angle of the club head on the downward swing affects the accuracy and flight of the ball. Why it makes no difference whether the lie of the ball needs a shallow approach, or a steep approach.

Golf Lessons To Help You Score Better

Golf lessons to help you score better and reduce your handicap. Every golfer would like to lower their handicap and play better golf. The following article will help you take a closer look at how you can do this by giving you certain tips on your tee box and fairway driving.

How to Choose Your First Golf Bag

In its rudimentary stage, golfers used sticks and stones as their chief equipment. Competitors would push stones into rabbit roles with the help of sticks. The game of golf has matured greatly over the years, and so has its gear.

Learn Golf Using The Simple Swing Solution

Learn golf using the simple swing solution and begin to play better golf. The following tips will help not only golfers who play on a regular basis, but particularly for beginners who need all the help they can muster. This article will help all golfers who are keen to improve their game and lower their handicap.

Ways to Prevent Swaying in Your Golf Swing

Swaying during the back swing (which is an excessive lateral movement) is a common problem with most mid to high handicap golfers. It can be caused by a few factors, but predominantly by trying to add greater power to the swing. I have noticed it often becomes more prevalent late in the round when we tend to get a little more tired.

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