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The Varieties of Golf Balls

It’s crazy how many different golf-balls there are. New ones come out all of the time. It’s big business, producing the latest new golf ball.

Top Golf Drivers For 2010 – Shave Several Strokes Off Your Score

Nowadays, the best golf drivers are often the adjustable ones. This means that it is now possible to make in-game adjustments so as to improve gaming performance, which was not permitted by the USGA prior to 2009.

Improve Your Golf Swing Through Simple Upper Body Exercises

There are hundreds of golf driver tips that you can find online and inside golf magazines. They would usually focus on choosing the best golf driver bands, or on how to master your swing. But the best driver tip is one that focuses on the most essential part of the swing – you.

The Best Golf Cart Accessory – The LPGA Wife

John was married in 2000 and he was sure that his time being able to hang out with hiss friends and play a few rounds of golf on Tuesdays and Sundays were over. He had a new wife and she didn’t seem like the type of woman who wanted John hanging out with his pals at the golf course. John could not have been more wrong!

Golf Advise – Get the Best Golf Club Iron to Improve Your Game

Many golf aficionados love the game not just for the exercise that they get out of it, but also because it is an exciting sport. It not only exercises the body, but the mind, as well, because it encourages the brain to concentrate on the goal ahead. One thing that can really help a golfer win in the game is to have the right golf equipment that will work with him in reaching his goal.

The Physics Behind a Great Golf Swing

You may think golf is unlike any other game and that there are no tricks attached to this game at all. All you need is to have a ball, a bat and a good aim incorporated with the right amount of speed and strength to be able to hit the ball in the right angle and in the right speed. However, even the most experienced golfers will tell you there are occasions when they experience that although they have been so sure of their hits, the ball has actually traveled further than expected.

Golf Confidence – How to Develop a Calm, Confident & Consistent Golf Game

Isn’t it ironic that the more you try to perform with swing thoughts in an attempt to play better and improve your confidence, the worse you play and dent your confidence even further? It is always better to play with more freedom than swing thoughts. The more you weight this toward freedom and the less to swing thoughts, the better you will perform. The better you perform, the more confident you feel.

Are You Controlling Your Nerves When Golfing? You Want Calm Golf Nerves to Play Your Confident Best

Having trouble calming your golf nerves? Would you like to rid yourself of them and control your emotions on the tee or for any other golf shot? Getting control of golf nerves will help you to play in a more relaxed and confident state, greatly enhancing both your enjoyment of golf and the results you achieve. There is no need to put up with sports nerves when you can reduce and control them on demand using easy yet highly effective techniques by the Mental Game of Golf today.

Top 10 Tips For Preventing Golf Injuries

There are almost 30 million golfers in the US and approximately 55 million world-wide. Less than 5% of all golfers will ever break 100 with the average handicap being 22.5. Amateurs swing at 70-100 mph (driver) and when on the range will hit about 60-100 balls per hour. This rapid fire onslaught will usually continue for several hours.

Playing the Game of Golf – Important Secrets to Remember

Arnold Palmer said it best, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Even the very best players spend their lives always trying to get better. No matter how good or bad you are there is always room for improvement.

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