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The Search For Left Handed Golf Clubs

Right hand seems to be the right thing to use, but how about the lefty golfers? You really do not have to try hard to make use of your right hand if the fact is that you are not accustomed to it. Why force something when you know your limitations?

Concentrate More to Speed Up the Game of Golf

The whole process from taking your chosen club from the bag, to the ball landing in the middle of the fairway could take as little as thirty seconds. So why can’t we concentrate for such a short time?

Work on You Swing on a Golf Vacation

Golf and Myrtle Beach: the two fit like a hand and a glove. There are over one hundred golf courses, and so many of them are award winning that it would take a laundry list to mention them all. Myrtle Beach vacations are geared towards the golfing industry, and golfing is so popular that there are entire publications devoted to just that.

3 Top Tips For Choosing the Perfect Junior Golf Clubs

Golf is a game for all ages. From grandpa to grandchild, they can play golf unlike with other sports that takes only a grownup man to do them properly. In golf, there is no kicking or pushing just to score; it is a game that involves your own physical and mental ability too but without causing any harm to your opponents.

Where Major Putt Action Happens

Although this will be short, do not underestimate the information that it contains. As in life, golf isn’t necessarily about making big changes, but little adjustments which can make all the difference. As in all things, there is a sequence, an order in which everything works best, and the Putt is one of those things that work much better if you follow that proper order/sequence.

Golf Swing Aids – Improving Your Swing

There are many different golf swing aids available that you can choose from. These technologies are consistently changing and improving so you need to stay up to date with all of the different golf swing aids available. Here are a couple of different products that can help you improve your game.

Putting – Including Golf Equipment and Practice Time

The article looks at how to spend your valuable practice time off the course better and lower your scores. Then a brief over view on putter fitting.

Wilson Golf Clubs Helping Cancer Patients Worldwide

In a mere coincidence in the year 1914, Thomas E Wilson Company was born. Through the years, no other company left a strong mark in the games of golf, tennis, baseball, and American football than the famous Wilson. Famed as the creator of breakthrough technologies, the company has been able to manufacturer legendary classics that were able to obtained international legitimacy in every sport it chips in.

Improve Your Golf Through Good Record-Keeping

If you want to improve, you need to keep records of the shots you make. Golfers I know keep complicated records as they play, but a simpler set describes the important things about your game and doesn’t distract you from what you’re really trying to do – play golf.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Iron Shots

Mastering the use of irons can really make a difference to your game, but many golfers just don’t use them to their full potential. This informative article will provide you with some practical tips to get your iron play down to a tee, quite literally!

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