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Custom Golf Club Fitting – Things That You Should Know

Custom golf club fitting is a simple and quick way to help you improve your game. If you plan to purchase a hybrid, a driver, or a complete set of irons, what are the things that you should consider to ensure that you are perfectly happy with your brand new club or set of golf clubs? Read on.

Custom Golf Club Fitting – 3 Things That You Need to Know

Custom golf club fitting can make a big difference to your game. Do you sometimes wish that your clubs are a couple of inches longer or shorter so that you can squarely impact the ball? Read on to learn more information as to what is involved in getting your very own set of compatible golf clubs.

Golf Swing Slice – How to Fix a Slice

Having a golf swing slice can be rough on an average golfer. The whole point in playing golf is to have the lowest score possible but if you have trouble with a slice or a hook then finding your natural golf swing can be hard. If you are like most golfers and you want to fix a slice then you can follow these few steps and in no time your swing will be shooting birdies in no time.

Custom Golf Club Fitting – The Basics

Every player has a physical capability and swing all his own. Golf club fitting has become so popular due to its many benefits to professional and non-professional golfers alike. Read on to find out more about custom club fitting.

Learn How to Hit Solid Shots With Any Club – The Importance of Ball Position and Shoulder Turn

We all have our favorite clubs in the bag, but in order to get really good at golf we need to hit all the clubs more solid. How do we do this? The key lies in the ball position for each club and the shoulder turn.

Hit Your Irons More Solid Every Time

Learning how to hit your irons more solid every time is a matter of doing just a few simple things. Stop the fat, thinned, sliced, and hooked shots once and for all. Follow these easy tips and you’ll hit your irons solid, hit more greens, and drop your scores.

5 Tips to Hit the Driver Correctly – Hit the Golf Ball Long and Straight!

There is a definite science to hitting the driver correctly. It’s designed differently than the rest of the golf clubs, so it needs to be treated as such. Here’s 5 simple tips for hitting the driver correctly that will give you more distance and accuracy every time.

Golf Swing Speed – 3 Keys to Increase Your Swing Speed and Hit the Ball Further

Golf swing speed is the determining factor that will make you rip it farther with each club. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you just have to swing harder to get more speed. Here are 3 keys to help you increase your swing speed so you can start hitting the ball a lot further.

3 Tips to Fix a Slice and Get a Natural Golf Swing

The fastest way to fix a slice is to find the right natural golf swing in your game. Trying to fix a slice is one of the hardest parts of playing golf. Everyone has a slice when they start playing. There are golfers all over the world just like you and me that struggle with golf.

New Golf Training Aid – Weighted Golf Trainer

Weighted golf trainers are new golf training aids that are available in drivers, irons and wedges and are engineered and designed to get you to your next level of golf where by you are swinging with more power and with an unparalleled technique that decreases your slices and hooks and significantly increases straighter, longer, more accurate shots so you can decrease your golf scores. Many golfer don’t improve their swing or their golf because they continually fail to practice the correct swing technique of proper tempo and timing and in swinging in the correct swing plane.

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