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Callaway X-Forged Wedges

This wedge has a lot to offer the average golfer. Great feel and sound at impact plus great check up action makes the Callaway X-Forged Wedge one of the best golf clubs on the market.

Full Release Golf Grips – Information You Need Before You Make Your Selection

Full release golf grips have been warmly welcomed as the best thing that has happened to golf clubs this century, Before you jump in an buy the first set you find it ma be wise to consider your options and the types available. Using a full release golf grip should help you improve your game as it will make your shot go further and straighter improving your confidence and hopefully your score!  

What Every Golfer Should Know About Golf Balls

Not so long ago you didn’t have a great deal of choice as far as golf balls were concerned. The options you had were probably between a three piece golf ball, which was covered with balata, had a soft feel and a high spin. The type of golf ball a professional would use. Or you had the golf ball the normal club player would use, which was a two piece ball, covered in surlyn and brick hard. Good for distance but very little spin control.

Choosing Your Golf Balls – Distance and Spin

When I started playing golf I was under the impression that all golf balls were made the same and used for the same purpose, I of course, was wrong. I didn’t really have anyone to tell me “Hey, your using the wrong ball for this shot!”, I just wanted to get on the course and play.

How to Create Lag in a Golf Swing – 3 Tips to Get More Lag

One of the most powerful and easiest ways to increase your power and accuracy in your golf swing is to create lag in a golf swing. First I want to explain what lag is. Basically, lag is the angle between your left wrist and the shaft of the cub in the down swing. The greater the angle, the more resistance you build up and thus you can hit the ball further and straighter.

Learn How to Properly Swing a Golf Club

Struggling with your golf swing, frustrated with those poor golf shots. Learn the proper way to swing a club.

Golf Sets and Golf Equipment Online – Best Buying Opportunities!

So, when looking for all your golf clubs and golf equipment for yourself, friends or family members this is a good way to find what you need conveniently, efficiently and very affordable. For all golf sets, golf Irons and golf accessories you desire.

10 Common Misunderstandings About the Rules of Golf

A large number of those playing golf do so in blissful ignorance of many of the Rules of Golf. Worse, some are absolutely certain that they know the rulings applying to the multitude of different situations encountered on the course because they have repeatedly reached the same, wrong, conclusions. The truth is that several myths and misunderstandings about the Rules have evolved over time. This short article addresses ten of the more common ones.

Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions (Rules 23-1 and 24-1)

Many golfers are not sure how to distinguish between loose impediments and movable obstructions that they encounter during their rounds. It is important to be able to make this distinction, as the Rules for Loose Impediments (Rue 23-1) are substantially different from those for Movable Obstructions (Rule 24-1). This short article will assist players to improve their understanding of the relevant Rules, thereby avoiding unnecessary penalties.

A Guide to Golf Box Sets – Pick the Perfect Golf Box Set For You

Choosing the right golf equipment can be tricky. There are so many different types of clubs, bags and balls that it is often confusing for a beginner to get the choice right. Here we take a look at picking the right golf box set with your experience level in mind.

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