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Proper Golf Grip – 3 Steps to Grip it Right Every Time

Using a proper golf grip is extremely important, as all else that happens in the golf swing directly depends on the grip. Gripping the club properly can immediately fix a slice, hook, weak shots and off-line shots. Follow these 3 steps to grip it properly every time…

Do You Want the Perfect Golf Swing Year Round?

I don’t know about you, but keeping my golf swing fine tuned year round, is quite a challenge. By using golf swing trainers year round it has been a big help to me.

A Basic Golf Swing Lesson For Increasing Distance

Here is a real simple golf swing lesson that any golfer that struggles with distance can benefit from. Just follow these steps and you’ll be ripping it farther in no time at all.

Typical Golf Course Architecture

The vast majority of golf courses today have 18 holes as a staple of their golf course architecture. There are however, a few courses still around that have only nine holes… this usually comes about as a result of the budget available to build the course or the land available at the time the golf course architecture is laid out.

Pulling Putts Can Kill Your Golf Score

Putting is half your score. Pulling putts is one fault that results in many missed opportunities to save par and even get a birdie. How many times have you yanked your putt left during a round of golf? It’s totally frustrating to say the least, but there are causes and fixes for this putting fault. But first, you’ve got to diagnose the root cause, then get a fix that will help you make more putts. This part of the game may seem boring to you, but just add up your golf score and see how many of your strokes on your score card are putts. Too many for most of us amateurs.

Golf Grip Tips – Straight and Long Starts With the Grip

Here are some simple golf grip tips that will maximize your distance and accuracy. Often overlooked, the grip can be the easiest way to free up the swing and gain some distance…

Golf Swing Basics – The Big 3 to Hit it Far and Straight

If you learn and follow the golf swing basics, or fundamentals, then you will easily be able to hit the ball far and straight. Keeping these basics in mind will have you improving and improving over time, rather than fighting your swing…

Golf Tuition That Won’t Break the Bank

Have you ever met a golfer that doesn’t expect to play better the next time they are out on the course? Whether you are shooting par or 30 over par, you want to get better, and you expect that you will. But, unlike many other sports, simply going out to play will not make you a better golfer. People expect to “play” golf and get better, but you need to practice, and you need to practice the right way. You will never improve your game while playing a round.

Tips For a Better Golf Swing

Just hitting the ball will not guarantee you a good swing. Much more than this, you need to have the disciple, self-control and enough preparation to get the job done.

Hippo Golf Clubs – Things to Know & Look For Before Choosing These Golf Clubs – Read Them Now

If you’re a beginner and are looking for a set that’s cheaper than those being used by tour pros, then hippo golf clubs might just be perfect for you. Some sets cost just a little over three hundred dollars, a great steal if you consider the things that you will learn during your first games. In fact, hippo golf clubs are so cheap that you can even purchase them at Toys R Us.

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