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Golf Lessons – Golf Chipping Tips

Chipping is a process in golf where you will need to get a light shot from an undesirable location on a golf course onto the green. Whether you are making a chip shot from the rough or the sand you will need to use some helpful golf chipping tips to get your golf game to improve.

What is an Illegal Golf Driver Anyways?

Before you read this article imagine yourself jumping on a trampoline. What happens at the center of the trampoline?

Golf Swing Lesson

Funny Golf story. Who needs Golf Swing Lessons, not me I thought. Read how I got set up as a newbie and made a complete laughing stock on my very first day on the Golf course. Yes very funny…

Green Reading Myths – The PGA Tour Pro Myth

For the entire history of the game of golf, reading the greens has been the most mysterious aspect of the game. Some say it’s an innate ability, others say it’s a skill that can be learned. I say those ideas are myths and that there’s only one way to read a green accurately, measure it.

How to Find Junior Golfers and Golfing Parents to Play With

I have a couple of school aged kids, and like most parents, I want them to be active and physically fit. My son is a highly academic soul, and doesn’t have a tough guy constitution. He’s also and not the most coordinated creature alive so we started him out in Tae Kwon Do. My daughter on the other hand is quick footed and has reflexes of lightning. Being the younger child, she followed suit into martial arts, and they both eventually earned their black belts.

Mastering Proper Posture and Correct Body Alignment to Master Golf Swings

Golf is about the golf swing. To master golf swings, you need to master golf swing techniques, which include pre-swing basics, a proper setup, adequate mental preparation for the game, proper posture, and correct body alignment throughout the swing to achieve the perfect golf swing.

Golf Swing Videos – Learn From Professional Golf Swingers

Back in the day, golf swing videos did not exist. There were no such things. I taught myself golf and tried to do it the hard way.

Golf Swing Help – Enjoy Your Game and Your Life

I love the game of Golf. However, when I started I did not get Golf swing help. I would hit golf balls in the park. I sent that golf ball flying across the Park. I was a natural.

5 Helpful Tips to Fix a Golf Hook

While there are times that you want to produce a golf hook it becomes problematic when you make that shot unintentionally. Here’s some advice to help “cure” golf shots that are constantly hooking.

Hybrid Golf Iron-Set Information

Hybrid golf irons will help to improve your overall game by making difficult shots, much easier to make. Their revolutionary design has practically made the need for standard long irons obsolete, and they are becoming increasingly popular among both the pros and weekend golf enthusiasts…

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