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To Cure a Slice – Look at Your Backswing

There are four areas to examine when you want to cure a golf slice — grip, stance, backswing and downswing. Here I will discuss the backswing and what to look for to cure a golf slice and give a few golf slice tips.

Golf Swing DVD – Many Golfers Are Using DVD’s to Improve Their Game

Learning form the professional is probably the only real way you’re ever going to play the game of golf the way you want to play it. Far too many players go onto the golf course & play for the sake of playing, they don’t play to win.

The Spoon

Do you hate your 3 wood? Do you botch every shot you try from the fairway with your 3 wood? Well, what are you waiting for? You really should try a spoon.

Invest in Golf Travel Cases

Golf travel cases are a vital investment. They protect your clubs when you’re traveling, and they ensure that everything arrives at your destination.

Golf Championships That Have Most Value For Professionals

Golf is an outdoor sport played by men and women all over the world. Annual tournaments are conducted in various parts of Europe and US. There are four major men’s golf championships played during April, June, July and August.

Golf Swing Instruction – Don’t Slice, Fix it With This Set Up Tip For Duffers

Uncovered: The real reason you struggle to correct your slice and how to fix it once and for all. This one simple solution will straighten your shots and add distance to every club in the bag. If your shot pattern is a fade/slice then you need to catch this absolutely once and for all solution. Fairways are easier than the woods or the rough.

Golf Swing Coach – Getting Professional Advice Can Take Several Strokes Off Your Game

Getting golf lessons is probably the furthest thing on most golfers minds when they’re on the course. Most of us think we can improve over time by using the same tactics we’ve always used. We ignore famous statements like the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over & over again & expecting a different outcome.

Consistent Golf Swing – Always Practice to Keep What You’ve Learned

Trying to perfect your golf swing is one thing but holding onto it once you get it is another. Many golfers will take years to perfect their swing & after a while will lose it again. This is more than likely due to lack of practice rather than just a technical issue. The important thing to learn here is that once you get the perfect swing, you should practice as often as you can so that you’ll hold onto it.

Classic Golf Swing – We All Need to Perfect Our Swing

Having a great golf swing can win the game of golf for you but the fact is that many strive to get a good swing for most of their golfing careers. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a pro or just play a round of golf with your friends now and again, having a good swing will make all the difference. Have you ever seen the golf professionals hit the ball straight down the fairway as if they’ve been doing it before they could walk, doesn’t it make you sick. Well the truth is that anyone can achieve an almost perfect golf swing.

Golf Video Tips – Getting Good Tips May Improve Your Game

If you are like millions of other golf players & you want to improve you game of golf then you might want to check out golfing videos. By using video many golfers have changed their game for the better. Many have improved their scores in only a few weeks & it’s all down to copying what the professionals do via the medium of video.

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