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How to Lower Your Handicap in Golf – 4 Key Tips That Will Succeed

If you are as keen a golfer as me you will be on a permanent quest to lower your handicap. It is one of those sporting quests to which there seems no end, and at the same time there is no end of advice as to how to achieve your goal. I believe there are key points that when mastered correctly can make all the difference to the amateur golfer’s desire to play fewer strokes during a round. Here are four key tips that I have found to be invaluable.

Putting Made Perfect – For the Beginning Golfer

As an avid golfer, I know how important the short game is to shooting better golf scores. I think the average golf can save at least four for fives strokes a round just on there putting. But why don’t we practice it more? Good question, because it is boring. Face it hitting drivers on the range as far as you can is more entertaining that missing a bunch of five footers. Beginners seem to practice there driver a lot more than the average golfer. They should be practice there short game at least twice as much as there long game.

Golf – How to Hit With Clubs

This article is for beginner golfers. It describes how to hit using your clubs, and covers the basic elements of holding and swinging.

Tips on Golf For Beginners

This article is a broad introduction on playing golf. It suggests things for beginners to consider doing when they play.

Do You Want a Lower Golf Handicap? – Focus on Your Pre-Shot Routines

A fundamental problem experienced by most amateur golfers during a round of golf is the high number of strokes that they waste because of insufficient preparation or through inadequate levels of concentration. What many do not realise is that these wasted strokes would be easy to get rid of if they just knew how, and if they realised what the cause of them was in the first place. The secret is in having a consistent pre-shot routine.

5 Steps to Transform Putting Performances

Putting is an area of the game that is often overlooked by many, but as it accounts for approximately 40 percent of the total shots taken in a round and it is the aspect of the game that influences score the most. Most golfers are unfortunately WASTING their time when it comes to how they practice and in many cases are eroding away any natural talent for the putting game they might indeed have.

Driving Range Plan

One of the most common mistakes I see in golfers is, they go out to the range thinking they are going to get a good day of practice. When in fact, it might hurt them more than it will help them. Here’s why and how to practice the correct procedures.

How to Lower Your Golf Handicap in 4 Weeks – Is it Possible?

Golf is acknowledged to be one of the hardest games to play consistently well. Of course, most golfers can put together a pretty good round now and then, but it is playing a good round regularly that features as one of the game’s most challenging aspects. As a keen golfer, I have found that by focusing on and attempting to really master just three or four simple golf tips and techniques, any reasonable golfer should be able to transform their game to achieve a lower golf handicap within a matter of 4 weeks.

The Ping Rapture V2 and the Ping G5 Compete

What does a successful driver mean to you? For some people, the more technologically advanced a driver is the more effective and high-performing it is. This is probably what the Ping company was going for when they produced the Ping Rapture V2. These are one of the most high-priced drivers in the market and their innovative details are the reason why.

At Last, the Secret to Dead on Ball Striking in Your Golf Swing – You Will Love This

every once in a while we stumble onto something that just sticks to you and makes a difference in what you are trying to do. In this article, I offer the one secret in a golf swing that will absolutely make a difference. Especially if you are stuck on your handicap and are having trouble advancing to the next level. If you are a single digit player, this is a must read for you. So, come on read and then click to see what else there is that will add to the secret for your benefit.

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