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Choose the Golf Club Shaft That Best Suits Your Swing

Most golfers buy their clubs right off the shelf. Most are never fitted by a pro. That’s probably OK for the average golfer because none of us are threatening to turn professional any time soon. With so many clubs available and so many different shafts, which one is right for you?

TaylorMade Monza Spider Putter Displays Cutting Edge Design

The TaylorMade Monza Spider putter has been around for some time already. It is one of the more interesting putters in terms of shape and design. Adding forgiveness to golf clubs has been the recent trend these days and TaylorMade has designed the Monza Spider to give players of all levels more forgiveness.

How to Improve Golf Swing Techniques – A Sweeping Swing For Fairway Woods

Not so long ago, the average set of golf clubs consisted of some woods (usually 1, 3, 5) some irons (usually 3-SW) and a putter (usually the shortest club in the bag). Of late all that has changed. The advent of rescue clubs and iron/wood hybrids mean that we are using more wood type clubs for shots from the fairway.

Lets Get Some Spin

A great little article on the next tip to improve your golf swing. This article gives tips and drills for creating backspin on your golf ball…

Mini Guide on Manual and Electric Golf Trolleys

If you want to save your energy and minimize muscle strain then an obvious step is to use a golf trolley. These are no longer the sole domain of the more mature golfer, but can be found to be in use by all ages that frequent the golf courses.

Golfing Tip – Avoid the Shank Or Socket Shot and Save Yourself From Embarrassment at the Course!

“The Shank” or as The Brits would call it, “The Socket” shot is often regarded as among the ugliest shots when it comes to golf. It is when you strike the ball with the “hosel”; the part of the golf club which connects the head to the shaft (instead of hitting it with the clubface as you should be doing). This results in your ball flying a horrifically low and short; often towards the right direction.

$479 For a Golf Club?

That is what I saw at a local golf store, a few months ago. What is it about this driver that makes it almost $500.00 dollars? More to the point does it really matter? I mean can you actually hit $500.00 worth of driver with that piece of equipment? Well, I guess that’s relative to the person.

Putting Tips – Perfecting Your Putt

There are many putting tips available for you to perfect the art of sinking the ball. Many beginners may hear so many different words of advice that they really don’t know which to believe. Above all, practicing your putting shots is the most effective way in becoming a better putter.

The Dreaded Golf Slice – 3 Simple Tips to Ease Your Golf Pain

Let’s face it, I am not the first person to ever write about the dreaded golf slice or ways to cure it, but that’s because it is such a pervasive golf disease. If you asked a hundred amateur/novice golfers what their biggest problem was on the golf course, then I suspect that over seventy-five of them would say that it was a slice.

Turnberry, Scotland – What Would Pinehurst Have Done?

Turnberry, Scotland is the site of the British Open next weekend. A charming hotel set on a hillside looking out across the Firth of Clyde towards Ireland and only 50 miles southwest of Glasgow. A terrific holiday vacation made perfect by hotel staff that went out of their way to make sure that we had a fantastic time and a memorable vacation, in spite of the “bird” problem.

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