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Golf Swing Rotation – Or – How I Hurt My Back

Golf swing mechanics and body mechanics must be coordinated to produce a good golf shot. Don’t depend on theories that are 200 years old.

Putting’s Most Important Tip – Find Your Putter’s Sweetspot, It May Not Be Where You Think it Is!

Putting-related advice normally ignores what I believe to be the most important aspect of consistent putting, centering as it does around issues such as ‘developing a good stroke’, ‘how to read the greens’ and ‘practice tips’. Regardless of how good your putting stroke is, how good you are at reading greens or how much you practice, however, unless you strike the ball off the sweetspot of the putter face, you will never achieve consistently good results.

Add Amazing Distance Without Stressing Yourself Out

Do you get frustrated by what seems to be a cap to your distance driving? Would you like to be able to add amazing distance to your game? And no, you don’t have to possess some special gizmo or push your body beyond its limits. All you need is to know how to work with your body.

The Golf Swing Setup

Having trouble with your golf swing? The golf swing setup is made out to be really complex by a lot of instructors. It’s not. Get behind your ball with club in hand and pick out 2 spots.

3 Free Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast

Golf is perhaps the latest elite sport and fitness activity to take the fitness circles and sporting enthusiasts by storm. Almost every other individual, whether male or female, wants to become a golfing enthusiast or at least an amateur player and it is a good way to meet up with friends and colleagues in the weekends and enjoy yourself, while keeping yourself fit and healthy and active.

Beginner’s Tips and Tricks on Improvement of Golf Swings

I know you are just an amateur golfer who is out to have some fun. But even then you need to know a few tricks and tips to improve your golf swing. This will help you to play your corporate peers better and earn a few brownie points and give a fillip to your popularity.

Mental Golf Game Visualization

Golfers face a lot of challenges the moment the step up on the ball. They are bombarded with negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions – a “deadly” combination when playing golf because it can ruin your momentum and your performance. Visualization is a suggested solution, an essential component for a good golf game. It aids in improving the game, developing focus and positive thinking. It helps in transforming a golfer’s bad habit to a good new one.

Simple Golf Tips – Etiquette

One of the nice things about getting involved with the World of golf is that everyone is so respectful. Golf etiquette is something you should learn early on to help make the game enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few pointers to help.

Simple Golf Tips – Keep Your Head Still

One of things that is difficult to master but seems to be really important, especially considering how often it is mentioned to you by your golf coach during lessons, is the ability to keep your head still. Is it that important though, and if so, are there any techniques you can use that will help you achieve it?

Golf – Is it Time to Take Lessons?

Golf is supposed to be a rewarding and sometime relaxing way to pass a few hours. But for some golfers, it can be a few hours that leads to frustration as you find that your game isn’t as good as it once was or because there are certain aspects of your game that you just can’t master.

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