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Reasons For Slicing

Most of the newbie golfers are facing the problem of golf slice. And everyone wants to remove this error shot from his game. For this it is important to know the reasons for this slicing so that you can work on that part and try to rectify the error.

The Oldest Golf Companies in the World – A Special Club

Here we’ll take a look at some of the oldest golf companies in the world. These companies help made golf what it is today, and some are still thriving because of it.

The Role of Golf in Business Relationships

For networking in business, it is important for find a common ground between parties. Often this can be achieved by playing a round of golf to foster the relationship necessary to do business.

How to Make Your First Golf Lesson Worthwhile – For the Advanced Golfer

Congratulations to you. You are an advanced golfer. You are among the 10% of the 30 million or so US golfers who are able to break 90; break 80; perhaps even play in the 70’s most of the time. You have been playing golf for many years. You have a consistent swing.

The Grip

We were all taught that the grip is the most important fundamental in golf and I agree wholeheartedly. But why is it so important? Why do all great golf swings in history have great grips? Why do so many poor golf swings begin with poor grips?

Golfing Power Tips Online

Lots of golf fitness training programs include “functional training”, which means they deal with all the muscles in the body. One of the favorite exercises meant to train the golf muscles is the rotational lunge with the medicine ball.

How to Cure a Golf Slice With a Simple Golf Swing Exercise

Every golf pro and expert will tell you the same thing; the slice is the most common problem for the average golfer. However how big of a problem the slice is for your golf game, it can all be cured and ultimately you will end up playing better golf altogether. After all, golf is a lot more enjoyable when you can get those good results.

Golf Slice

The last thing any golfer wants to have slice in his swing. This is the most embarrassing shot in the golf and majority of the novice golfers are facing this problem. By far the slice shot is the most common golfing error. The slice shot is the curving of the golf ball towards the right side of the target line.

Golf Putting Mirrors Will Improve Multiple Putting Fundamentals

Golf putting mirrors can be very useful as they can address multiple putting fundamentals. This makes golf putting mirrors very popular among golf instructors and among all different skill levels. These training aids are easy to find in local golf shops or online and can be easily stored in any size golf bag.

Golf and Business Go Together

As golf is a game of businessmen. It is most popular in corporate world. One can improve his business relationship during the game of golf. It shown in past that more of the joint ventures and takeovers planned on the golf course or in the golf club. One can impress his business clients through better playing the golf. This relationship becomes the reason for the business growth. So in this case golf and business go together.

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