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Golf Tips – How to Capture Your Best Swing on the Range and Bring it With You to the Course Now

I’m going to let you in on a secret the teaching pros and great golfers have known for years, but most amateur golfers are not privy to. To play great golf you don’t need to improve as a golfer. You just need to be more consistent.

Golf Putting Tips – Top Tips For Confidently Sinking Those Nasty Short Putts and Slashing Your Score

The quickest way to reduce you golf score is through putting. You can shave more shots from your round with precision putting than you ever could by unleashing powerful monster drives straight down the fairway.

Trouble Shots – How to Play the Flop Shot From Skinny Lies For Duffers

You’re in a tight match and your approach shot has missed right. The ball is lying on bare ground, a green side bunker stands between you and your target. Now the bad news. The pin is just six paces off your side of the green. Do you have this shot? Learn the special techniques you’ll need to stick it close.

How to Choose Golf Apparel

According to the golf game etiquette you have to look presentable and appropriate clothes is a must. Most private country clubs have a dress code and dressing appropriately shows respect for other golfers and club members. The full history of golf clothing would take a book. Golf fashion styles were very variable, from elegant jackets and trousers to shocking and colorful T-Shirts.

Putting Mats – Practice For Women Golfers

Is buying a putting mat really going to help your game? For years, we’ve seen men on the tv and movie screens practicing their putting on mats in their offices because it worked. Here are some tips on what to buy and look for so you can do your best on the green.

Golf Fitness – Do You Need a Golf Strength Program For Duffers?

Are you fit for golf? Would you play better and feel better doing it if you were more physically fit? Uncover how a dynamic golf strength program can help you achieve more of your golf goals than that new driver you’ve been droolin’ over or that golf gadget you just saw advertised on the Golf Channel. Don’t miss this golf improvement opportunity.

Beginner Golf Lessons For Those of You Just Starting Out

Awesome beginner golf lessons. Tips for those of you who are barely starting out!

Guide For Parents How to Choose the Right Club Sets For Your Young Golfer

In recent years the amount of young golfers is increasing with a great speed. The Golf Industry does not stand still and take the rapidly developing events into account. Now parents have more options and can find a thousand different brands on the market, different types of sets manufactured especially for juniors, in consideration of their weight, arm length, height and other factors.

Great Golf Gift Ideas

Make your golf aficionado giddy on his special day with a golf gift. Here are great golf gift ideas that will surely make any golf lover happy.

Buying a Golf Cart – A Simple Guide

Do you think that it makes more sense to buy your own golf cart? If you are one of the many golfers who share the same sentiment, here’s a simple guide on buying your very own cart.

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