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How Do Golfers Choose Their Favorite Golf Courses?

Have you ever found yourself confused by the number of golf courses you can play in? Do you want to know how to distinguish a good golf course from a crappy one? Read on and find out!

Improve Your Game by Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Don’t you hate it when you a bad game not because you’re not a good golfer, but because your golf club set doesn’t suit you? Even if you have the best golf clubs in the world they won’t help improve your game if you’re not comfortable with them.

Ogio Straight Jacket Golf Travel Bag Review

This relatively lightweight yet sturdy travel bag is a good buy, weighing in at 7.25 pounds, the Ogio Straight Jacket Golf Travel Bag is made to fit over your standard tour, cart or stand golf bag. It provides two extra pockets for your golf shoes or other items you may wish to carry with you.

How to Break 80 Review – Is ‘How to Break 80’ Standing the Test of Time?

Has ‘How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros’ authored by Jack Moorehouse flopped or stood the test of time? Find out what changes have occurred in the ‘How to Break 80’ Program in the last two years and if this golf instruction guide is still popular.

Putting Yips – How to Confidently Sink the Dreaded Downhill 4 Foot Putt Easily Every Time With Ease

It’s looks like the easiest shot in golf, but that nasty little short putt can leave you panicked and sweaty as you set up. If you miss you will be kicking yourself. It’s a horrible feeling knowing you have to sink a short putt while everyone watches on. Most golfers dread it and rightly call it the most hated shot in golf.

Long Bunker Shots – How to Avoid Negative Thinking and Turn the Long Bunker Shot to Your Advantage

For most golfers the though of a long bunker shot leaves them feeling a little bit squeamish. It is possibly the hardest shot in golf and a bad run in the bunker can leave you frustrated and flustered for the rest of your round.

The Over the Top Golf Swing – Tips to Get it Back on Plane

It’s probably the most common swing fault in amateur golf. The over the top swing which results in an outside in golf swing typically causes a slice but it can also cause a myriad of other ugly shots. Learn how to give yourself a chance to hit a decent shot by correcting two things in your swing.

Customizing Golf Cart Bodies

Just like your favourite car, you can customize parts of your golf cart to fit your needs. You may even customize entire golf cart bodies to make it reflect your personality or stand out it the crowd.

This One Hour Golf Trick Improved My Golf Game by 5 Strokes Immediately

If you want to truly get better at the game of golf then learning from experts who are able to show you where to improve is a critical component to your golf game. Spend some time and get professional lessons to see immediate results in your golf scores.

Titanium Golf Clubs – A Rich History

Titanium is one of the newer materials available for high quality golf clubs. Although this substance has been in use for nearly three centuries, it has only been recently that manufacturers discovered it was ideal for making titanium golf clubs heralded for their performance on the course.

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