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A New and Unique Way to Improve Your Golf Technique

If you are an avid golfer, you have tried several methods to improve your golf technique. Tried the latest improve-your-golf-swing video. Tried the latest hi-tech putter. Tried meditating, stress relief, or concentration exercises.

3 Things to Improve Your Golf Game

Like any sport, if you want to be good you have to practice. The more time you put into it the better result you can expect. Golf is no exception to this rule. If you want to play your best you are going to have to put in hours of practice at home and hone your skills.

Golf Tips For Beginners and Experts

Are you planning to take up the game of golf seriously? Or have you been suffering from bad golf games recently?

How to Get a Golf Scholarship and Play in College – Part 11

This is part 11 of a series of How to articles that will help your junior golfer achieve their dream of playing golf in college and get a college scholarship. I hope you like to make lists and gather information because it is now time to find the most available places to play college golf. This potential scholarship list will depend on the quality of golf that your junior golfer is playing now and their potential for improvement in the near future.

An Introduction to Golf Clubs

Have you ever wondered why golfers need so many golf clubs in order to get their golf balls into the holes? Couldn’t they just use one golf club all the way through? Well, the answer is obviously ‘no.’ This is because each golf club is build differently and has its specific use in the game of golf.

Hybrid Golf Clubs and the Over 40 Golfer

Hybrid golf clubs can be a real game booster for anybody who isn’t quite as flexible as they once were. They can get the ball up fast and make those long iron shots less of a challenge regardless of your physical condition.

How to Get the Best Golf Clubs For Newbie Golfers

Are you a golf newbie? Do you want to learn about golf but are wondering how to find the perfect set of golf clubs? Well, just like in anything else, you have to get the feel of things before you find the best set you can use. As you can see, using just anything may affect your chances in excelling in golf.

4 Effective Golf Stance Tips

Are you interested in enhancing your golfing skills? If so, then you should enhance your golf stance. Although you can utilize many methods to reach that goal, here are some of the most beneficial ones.

Making Your Own Putting Green

It may be a cliche but the saying is still true that practice makes perfect. Where can you practice during your free time that you will be most comfortable in but in your own backyard? If you love the sport of golf, you will definitely love the idea of having backyard putting greens.

A Little Known Technique For Playing Better Golf Games

You’ve hit the golf wall. No matter what you try you can’t beat your previous best score. How can you crack through this barrier and shave some strokes? Here’s a little known technique that will help while you work on the rest of the game.

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