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How to Vastly Improve Your Game by Getting Aim & Alignment Correct – Article Series 1 of 13

The three components of Aim & Alignment are Mind, Body & Club. While it is easy for most if not all golfers to understand the importance of setting the body and club position correctly in order to be aligned and aimed at the target, the mind is less obvious to some golfers. If we think about how the human system works then it quickly becomes obvious that the mind is so intrinsic to this system that it is sheer folly not to have the mind focussed on our target. If you have not had any contact with Sport Psychology, then think of this as your first lesson. You must focus on and think about What You Want, as apposed to something you would like to avoid.

The Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club For Greater Accuracy and Towering Drives!

Many people ask the question what is the proper way to swing a golf club? While there is not one correct answer to this question, certain fundamentals exist that can help you hit longer and straighter golf shots. If you can follow these fundamentals then you will be well on your way to more success! Here I am going to give you three key swing fundamentals that will improve your golf game, and I guarantee if you practice these techniques you will be a better golfer!

How to Hit Your Irons For Increased Accuracy and Distance – Knock Down the Pin With These Tips!

Iron play is something that many golfers struggle with because the irons are not very easy to hit. Learning how to hit your irons is an essential part of improving your golf game, because in between driving and putting you must be able to get to the green! Iron shots do not have to be that hard, and with a little practice and these drills you can learn to hit crisp and accurate iron shots time after time.

Buying Golf Clubs For Kids – Tips to Purchasing Your Kids a Golf Club Set

Purchasing golf clubs can be an intimidating task as there are literally hundreds of different models you can choose from and choosing the best one should be top priority. Here are tips to purchasing golf clubs for kids and what qualities to look for.

The Disastrous Fault in Charles Barkley’s Swing and a Surefire Cure

Charles Barkley subjected himself and his swing to premier teaching Pro Hank Haney and millions of viewers during a series of entertaining episodes on Golf Channel’s “Barkley Project.” It was easy for the viewers to spot many faults in Barkley’s swing. But the crucial flaw, which leads to all other flaws, is simply that Charles does not keep his spine angle at any time during his swing. This article takes a closer look at the episodes, Haney’s advice and a teaching technique that led to an instructional aid which could cure Barkley’s crucial flaw.

How to Get Golf Instructions on Every Shot

When you hit a bad shot or have a poor round of golf, don’t you wish that you had an instructor to tell you what you did wrong and the source of your problems? Someone that would calm you down and give you confidence. Wouldn’t it take a lot of strokes off your game and make it more enjoyable if you only had someone to tell you why the ball sliced or hooked. Someone to tell you that you gripped the club wrong and how to grip it right. But, instead you keep making the same mistakes that cause frustration, puts you into sand traps and just about every problem on the golf course. Well you can, let me tell you how this can happen.

All Golfers Strive to Be Better Than the Rest

Have you ever wondered how many people have teed off from the first tee in the entire history of the game of golf? It’s got to be a pretty extravagant number, wouldn’t you think? What is even more incredible is when you think about how many of those golfers are actually accomplished, which is not that many. With that being said, it is truly remarkable how the following golfers rose up above the best of the best and became legends of golf.

Short Game Practise – Put in Some Time and Lower Your Handicap

Most golfers struggle to further improve their handicap once they have reached a certain threshold. This applies to both the weekend hackers who never hit balls on the driving range as well as the ambitious amateur who spends time practising.

Get Some Balance in Your Golf Game For More Enjoyment and Better Swings

Important Golf article on the balanced golf swing which delivers power and consistency from the ground up. One of the foundation stones of a great swing and strong, consistent ball striking, a balanced swing delivers phenomenal improvement. Discover the secrets to great golf now.

Make Sure You Reach the Cup When Putting

What’s the best way to lower your scores when playing golf? By eliminating the three putts from your game you can reduce your handicap quickly.

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