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Golf Chipping Game

The short game is the key to get good score in the game. But most the amateur golfers avoid practicing it and put all emphasis on the long game. So, the article provides some useful information on golf chipping game and its relevance.

Use a Golf Journal to Lower Your Scores For Less Than a Dollar

As I give more and more golf lessons, it amazes me how much money people will spend with me and as soon as they leave it is like the golf lesson never happened! I suggest to all of my students to keep a golf journal. With a golf journal, we can get together at the end of the lesson and discuss what their homework will be until the next golf lesson.

Golf – It’s a Putter’s Game

Should Golf continue to be called “Golf”, or should the name of the sport be changed to “Putt”? The modern game of Golf has become nothing but a “putting contest” at the top professional levels. Ask any top pro golfer, man or woman, and they will tell you that it is indeed a putting contest on the pro tours for the most part.

5 Putting Fundamentals Improved by Putting Aids

Putting aids are very prevalent in the golf world today. All types of players from tour players to beginners use all different types of putting aids which include elaborate contraptions to homemade putting devices. Putting training aids are used to improve a player’s putting stroke and improve the roll of the golf ball on the target line.

Girls Junior Golf Camp Checklist to Make Everyone Happy

Girls junior golf has grow in popularity in leaps and bounds in just the last five years. Whether this was started by the Tiger Woods phenomena, Annika Sorenstam or Michelle Wie, is not really important. What is important is that more young ladies are playing girls junior golf than ever before!

Golf Bag Features Available to You

A golf bag is definitely one of the most important pieces of golf equipment that you will own other than your golf clubs. Your golf bag allows you to carry all your other golf equipment with you such including your clubs, tees, markers, rain suit, umbrella or towel. No matter whether you have a cart bag or a stand bag, the purchase that you make can add enjoyment to your rounds or add frustration to them.

Home Gym Equipment to Improve Your Golf Game

As more and more people are becoming more aware of their health, they are beginning to set up home gyms and are looking for home gym equipment. Many are using the extra bedroom or even the garage to set up their home gym. In the past many people worried about the amount of space that all of the home gym equipment would take up in the house.

Launch Monitor and Your Lessons

As everyone is worried about the economy, you as a golf instructor need to find a way to make what you do more distinct than ever before. Many instructors are shying away from purchasing a launch monitor citing the economy. What they are really doing is costing themselves money in the long run as a launch monitor can be a way that they differentiate their services from others.

New Or Used Golf Balls?

When collecting your golf equipment to go out for a round of golf you want to be absolutely sure to bring enough golf balls with you – how many would you lose this time? How sad is it to tee off with a great new golf ball and hit it straight in the shrubs to never find it back again? Wouldn’t you therefore be better off with a stack of used golf balls?

How to Improve Your Golf Swing – And How Not To

One of the problems that I see a lot on the golf course is someone who is trying to improve their golf swing and tries to take every bit of advice that they hear. There are many different opinions on the perfect golf swing and if you listen to all of them you get conflicting advice. This can do more harm than good.

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