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Using a Fake Putting Green to Improve Your Golf Game

There’s no better way to prepare for the golf season and keep your game up than having your own fake putting green. Made from artificial materials, these greens are even being used on big commercial courses.

Parts of a Good Golf Swing – Why Alignment Matters

This article details parts of a good golf swing. The main idea here is alignment and why it matters. Golfers will be able to understand alignment and how it can be a positive resource in your golf game.

Extreme Golf Accessories – Custom Golf Carts

If you are planning to start with golf playing you has to be ready to buy many things that make ordinary equipment. Without good equipment it is not easy to play. There are many accessories that you must have if you plan to enjoy in golf playing. Don’t be disappointed buying figs that are so small and costs thousands of dollars.

Parts of a Good Golf Swing – Why Routine Matters

This article talks about different parts of a good golf swing. We detail routine and explain the importance of it during the golf swing.

Learn How to Chip a Golf Ball – The Foundation of a Good Golf Swing

This article gives a couple steps that will help a golfer learn how to hit a chip shot. A chip shot is important to having a good golf swing and by doing it the proper way, you will lower your handicap.

What You Need to Know to Hit Consistently Long Golf Drives

We all enjoy hitting long golf drives. More than any other part of the game, the long bomb gives us a sense of satisfaction. Something about pasting the pill straight down the middle. Here’s an eye opener on how to hit the long bomb.

A Beginner Golf Guide – The Fastest Way to Break 100

As a beginner golfer you’ve probably watched Tiger step up to the tee and launch a 300+ yard drive down the center of the fairway and thought “that’s what I want to do”. Well guess what. Banging out huge drives is actually the last thing you want to learn if you want to break 100. Want to know why? Check out this short beginner golf guide.

GPS For Golf – The Best Way to Improve Your Game

Golf GPS system has become a popular way to improve the game of golf. GPS for golf helps in calculating the yardage to the greens front and also the speed of the hit. There are so many choices that you can choose from the wide range of GPS systems. So, you need to be careful when you go for buying it so that you get the best one for you. With the help of GPS systems, you can also determine the distance of fairy boundaries, water hazards and lots more.

Ultimate Handheld Golf GPS

Golf is a sport that attracts gadgetry and now there are handheld Golf GPS that helps in making the game more exciting as well as interesting. There are many manufacturers that go for manufacturing this software but you need to be very cautious when you go for purchasing it so that you can get the best one for you. This GPS system helps in determining the speed of the ball and also warns you of any hazards during the game.

GPS Golf Ball – A Revolution in Golf

Are you someone who is an active golf player? Well, then you should definitely have some idea about GPS Golf Ball. This tracking technology has helped golfers to find out exactly how high or how far they have hit a nine-iron. This technology helps in storing information on a chip that is inside the golf ball. That really sounds interesting, right? Now when it comes to the size of the chip of GPS Golf ball, it is almost half the size of a phone SIM card.

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