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Bunker Shots – Top Five Tips For Mastering the Long Explosion Shot For Duffers

Can you imagine placing a long bunker shot to within twenty feet over and over again like a fine tuned machine? Turn the hardest shot in golf to your own personal specialty when you uncover these little known and even lesser used long explosion shot tips. Just think of the strokes you will save.

Perfect Putting During Your Golf Game Have You Worried? Drop the Golf Ball in Cup When You Want To

Perfect putting will make or break your day when you are on the golf course. Make it your goal to accurately sink the golf ball into the cup every time you have to putt the ball.

Golf Swing Drills – 3 Golf Swing Tips to Break 80 and Crush Your Buddies Next Time on the Course

You need to include golf swing drills in your golf training to see improvement on the course. Fix your game with just a little effort and time.

Junior Golfers Learn the “Secret Power of Words”

Junior golfers need to learn the “Secret Power of Words”. There are three defeating words that a junior golfer must eliminate from their golfing vocabulary. They are “Don’t, Can’t and Try”!

Pre-Golf Warm Up Stretches and Exercises

Some simple stretches to help improve your golf performance. Pre-golf warm ups can help increase your your strength, flexibility, and distance off the tee. Warming up before your round also reduces your risk of injury.

The Great Ernie Els Golf Swing

Ernie Els is one of the truly great professional golfers. His golf swing, often cited as one of the best, is a work of art and is one that many golfers try to emulate. Here are 4 tips to get that perfect golf swing.

The Golf Swing Uses Centrifugal Force Or Muscular Force

Centrifugal force and muscular force, the eight of ten distinctions between the two prefect golf swings. The two perfect golf swings are The Centrifugal Force Swing (swinging swing) and The Muscular Force Swing (hitting swing).

Golf Games Your Four Some Can Play This Weekend

You ever get that golf bug? You know, the bug that just hits you out of the blue, and you have to go to the golf range or better yet, run off to the golf course. A lot of times though, it hits you, and you want only to go play a good, challenging golf course.

Starting the Golfers Downswing – The Quick Start Down Or the Slow Start Down

The quick start down verses the slow start down, the ninth of ten distinctions between the two prefect golf swings. The two perfect golf swings are: The Centrifugal Force Swing and The Muscular Force Swing.

Proper Golf Stance

Posture and alignment are the two keys to a proper golf stance. If you want to be consistent when striking the golf ball, then being balanced will make the process a whole lot easier. A correct grip and a good stance will permit you to become successful and at the same time it will allow you to direct the flight of the ball, all the time, instead of just sometimes.

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