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One Golf Chipping Tip Every Avid Golfer Should Know

Chipping is one of the most important parts of your game. Most people worry about driving the ball but if you can’t get it onto the green after you drive it. We’ll show you how to make those drives worth while.

Driving Range Tips – Use a Range Finder to Take Strokes Off Your Golf Game

Using the driving range is a great way to improve your golf game. That’s kind of a no-brainer but driving ranges aren’t perfect. This free golf tip can help you get more bang for your buck with range time.

Golf Teachers For Your Kids – What Are Your Options?

Teaching your kids golf is a tough job. However, choosing who the teacher will be is tougher. This is because the instructor can make or break your kid in golf. Choosing the wrong one may possible push your child to lose interest in golfing.

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Bag

Are you in search of the perfect golf bag which you can safely store your clubs in and easily walk around the golf course with at the same time? Choosing the perfect golf bag is a serious concern for frequent golfers.

What Do You Eat, Think and Who Do You Hang With?

Today I was watching a college golf tournament on with their live scoring feature while working at my computer. Junior golfers can learn a lot by watching these live scoring events to see how college players manage their games.

3 Useful Golf Driving Tips

Are you a golfer who wants to hit the ball farther and more precisely? The drive is one of the most crucial skills that golfers need. Fortunately, you can take various steps to improve your drives. Here are some of the best golf driving tips.

You’re Golf Cart and You

Do you need a golf cart? Depends on your situation. Some folks like to walk the course for the exercise and they enjoy telling their doctor they do. Others are just plain lazy while some of us can’t walk the course due to bad knees, arthritis, etc.

Golf Club Bag – A Necessity For Golfers

Even casual golfers need a golf club bag. There is just no way to reasonably travel about the golf course without a bag to stow our golf clubs. What size of golf club bag you need depends on how many clubs you own, and how many other accessories and necessities you desire to carry along.

Discount Golf Clubs For Golfers on a Budget

Not every golfer has the budget to buy a set of top-notch clubs. Luckily there are options, such as buying a discount golf club. There are two ways to find clubs at less than the retail price.

Thunder Bay Golf Club is a Canadian Wilderness Treasure

Nestled in the beautiful wilderness area surrounding Ontario, Canada, Thunder Bay Golf Club offers more than just golf. Of course during the regular season, golf is the main attraction but even after the season ends, visitors can find a variety of activities to keep them busy such as hunting, fishing, and cross country skiing. About the Course. Thunder Bay Golf Club is composed of 6,034 yards of lush acreage.

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