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An Introduction to Playing in a Golf Course

Are you about to play your very first round of golf? Do you feel intimidated by the seemingly unfathomable amount of information you need to memorize about the rules of the sport? I felt the same way when I was new to golf.

Tips on Choosing the Right Golf Coach

Do you love playing golf? Are you looking for the best way to improve in the sport? If you answered yes to both these questions then you should look for the right golf coach.

Tips on Choosing the Right Set of Golf Irons

Are you currently in the market for a new set of golf irons? Are you afraid that you’ll end up buying the wrong irons? This was the same problem my friend faced a few months ago. He was confused by the many golf irons there were to choose from, so he couldn’t make a confident purchase.

Hooked on Golf – A Slice of a Golf Addict’s Tale (Part 3)

In Part 2 I described how my interest in golf became fascination, which was one step from addiction! This article describes the final slide into addiction.

Ernie Elf Golf Swing Training Techniques – Top Insights to Improve Your Game Today!

Ernie Els golf swing has helped him become known all over the world and led to him to win 29 tournaments including winning two U.S opens. He has a very powerful swing that makes many golf players want to learn his secrets.

Two Golf Exercises You Absolutely Must Do Today!

Golf exercises are the best way to improve your game, lower your score, and even enjoy playing more. Read this article to find out about two golf exercises you absolutely must do!

2 Tips on How to Putt Better – Putting Tips to Eliminate Your 3-Putting and Putting Yips

Don’t you want to learn how to putt better as quickly as possible? Well of course you do! No one likes to spend all their time on the putting green.

Take One Easy Step Towards the Classic Golf Swing

Most people that start playing the sport, do not have a classic golf swing and tend hit the the ball with a slice hitting it pretty short too. It can be a vicious circle, the more you expect to slice the harder you try and pull the ball to the left for for a right hander. There is an easy golf swing drill you can use to get back on track and get the right feeling.

2 Golf Putting Drills That Will Lower Your Scores – Putting Tips to Cure Your Putting Yips!

Are you wondering which golf putting drills are the best for improving your putting and lowering your scores?  After all, you can read that almost all of the professional golfers spend the majority of their practice time on the putting green perfecting their putting technique through the most effective putting drills. So you want to know what these “best” drills are so that you can not only putt better to lower your scores and a lower handicap, but also to putt better so you can have more fun on the golf course and quit embarrassing yourself on the …

Women’s Golf Shirts – Replacing Tea With a Tee

No longer do the majority of educated women socialize over a cup of tea. Today, a growing number of women have chosen to share their stories and thoughts while standing over a golf tee. Knowledgeable female golfers seek out top quality ladies golf clothing.

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