Peyton Manning on playing Augusta National and why Tiger Woods ruined playing golf for him

The Necessity of Golf Swing Lessons

The benefit of taking golf swing lessons is that the instruction will provide you with a review of your golf swing. This review or critique will make you aware of the good, bad, and ugly factors associated with your swing. Take a little time and research your options

Golf Dreams

Enjoy playing a golf game of peak performance each and every time you play golf. Yes, it can be done. Golf dreams to play the perfect golf game with great shots and great strategy can be accomplished with mental training by self or with professional instruction.

Tips on How to Break 90

Play each hole to make a bogey. You will certainly make just a few pars by doing this (plus some double bogeys in the process whenever you hit some bad shots), but by playing each hole for your bogey you can expect to eliminate the big numbers (7s and 8s). Even “par” for you should be 90, play to get yourself a 45 each 9.

Bump and Run Chip Shot

A bump and run chip is a shot that is best used when your ball is very near the green, but not close enough to putt the ball, or there is some sort of obstacle between you and the green. The goal of this chip shot is the use a small and controlled swing to pop the ball in the air just enough to get it onto the putting surface. Once the ball is onto the putting surface it will roll like a putt toward the hole.

Drive The Ball Farther

Every golfer wants to hit it past their golfing buddies off the tee. Having a powerful golf swing and hitting long drives makes the game easier and more enjoyable. I’m here to give you some tips on how to gain some more distance off the tee.

Choosing Memorable Corporate Golf Event Gifts That Will Hit The Mark

If you are in charge of procuring corporate golf event gifts or prizes for the winners, chances are the stress is on your shoulder’s to find the perfect item. The types of unique corporate golf gifts you give are just as important as the main event itself. Giving perfect gifts and prizes take a lot of thought, and can ultimately speak volumes about your organization and the event as a whole.

Improve Your Golf

There is a certain belief that golf is a sport played by “the older generation” and that it does not do much for physical fitness and stamina as most of the work comes from the shoulders and hips and it involves brisk walking from one hole to another. Quite mistaken this myth is though! Golf IS a sport and when played at competitive levels involves a great deal of physical activity, mental concentration and overall strength.

Number 1 Secret to Conquering the Golf Course: Divide and Conquer on Every Hole

There is more to golf than just hitting good shots. Good golfers often shoot much higher scores than they should simply because they are not managing the course the right way. To fix this you must create a course conquering strategy that will start slashing your scores.

How to Hit a Flop Shot

First of all, do not ever hit a flop shot unless it is your last and only option to get the ball near the hole. The flop shot is an extremely difficult shot to pull off and control, so I recommend exploring all options before settling on a flop shot from around the green. If there is any way to run the ball up to and on the green I would suggest hitting a chip or pitch shot.

Are You The Woman Executive In Your First Golf Event?

A common concern for the woman executive is the pressure of being the only woman in an office golfing event. Advancement when the glass ceiling is pressing her down may well be at stake in this obligatory golf game. Our executive is expected to be professional and controlled and yet show enough competitive juices to satisfy her male teammates.

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